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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Updated sketchbook

 this is one of a series of books I've made with Khadi paper pulp as the sheets.  (the others are on my etsy shop).  This is what I've done so far....

 that little piece of plastic that the pen is sitting on ...... soap wrapper from a mini soap at the Lille hotel I stayed in last March, bound into the book!!!
The little sheet has Bellagio tissue paper gift wrap from a trip to Las Vegas in 2007

 The other side of the small sheet has rubber stamps....
 You can sew fabric into pulp paper as well, holds up really well.

 Paris playing card and washi tape..... one of my lino prints on green paper and some gold wrapping from a box of patisserie wonders from Meert in Lille, France.
The French "spread"!!

 And then some Klimt-ish gilt work for the Royal Academy ticket pages....

And some gold paper from Meert pattiserie in Lille, France!

 The Lowry exhibition ticket from the Tate in London.....

Followed by The Royal Announcement!!

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