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Thursday, 4 July 2013

ANOTHER day in London?!!!

 On Wednesday 3rd July, Andrea got me out of bed really early.  I wasn't happy because we were supposed to be on vacation this week and that means sleeping in late!!

 We got the bus into town and then we walked down here.  This isn't the way to the train station....!

 This is the Coach Station!!!

 We're going to London again?!!  Oh how fun...!!

 This coach was very full up with people so we didn't get a window seat.  That didn't matter though - I got to have a snooze in Andrea's pocket!!!  

 And here we are at Victoria Coach Station in London!!  We even got in 10 minutes early!!

 Then we crossed the road to get a C10 bus.

 We tied a tag to the seat in front.  I like doing that!

 Here we are going through Pimlico....

and we saw a funny Steampunk statue!

 and another statue of Millais, the artist!
 We're at the Tate Britain gallery!!  How exciting!  Another Art Expedition!!!

 We're going to see the Lowry expedition.  He did a lot of industrial paintings of the Midlands (around Manchester and Salford) of all the mills.  We used our Art Fund card and instead of paying the normal £16.50 entry ticket, we only paid £7.50!!!  That's brilliant!!

 We had time to take a pee first and I tied a CD to the door handle!!

 Then we went upstairs to see the expedition.  It was very busy, but not SO busy that we couldn't see the pictures for people in the way.  They were very interesting in an almost Impressionist way, but also very depressing.
We did some shopping in the gift shop afterwards too...

 And we got the expedition book.  I think it'll be a good read actually.....

 Then, on the way to the bus stop, we tied a tag to the railing.

 Not long for the next bus then...!

 Here we go - tied another tag to the seat in front!

And we're off...!

 We got off back at the Coach station but it wasn't time to go home yet.

 So we had a look round....

 and then went for lunch!!  Although it was very overcast today and not quite raining, it was very hot and muggy and Andrea was getting a headache.  We had a drink and the headache went away.

 And then we had a Minute Steak and Fries and that was FABULICIOUS!

 Then we decided to take a walk down here....

 To a little garden.

 With an amazing statue in it!!!

 Of a Lion and Gazelle playing a game of "You're It"!!!

 Coo!!  I love this statue!

Even the back paw is brilliant!!

 That's about who made the statue.


 I love that!

 A row of arches....

 And then almost time to go home, so back to the coach station.

 We even had time to do a bit of life drawing!!!

 This time, we got a window seat on the coach!!!  Yup, tied on another weathergram!

 We're off over the Thames!  looks quite dramatic with the grey clouds....

That's Battersea Power Station, with the four chimneys!!

 Then Andrea got out the Jaffa Cakes!!!  We always have these when we get the Coach!!

 Num num num....!

 We saw lots of stuff out of the window!!  That used to be called Sharmans.

 More grey clouds...

 Oh!!!  George and Dilly's Martial arts centre!!!

 There's the South Downs!!  I love seeing those hills!!

 And we're back in Brighton!!!  With the sea breeze smacking you straight in the face!!!  We both started breathing in really deeply after a day in London with all the car fumes!!

 On the way to the bus stop, we spotted this grafitti!!  We hadn't seen this before!

Then down here to get home!!!  More deep breathing with the sea air!!!

 We got some more postcards to send people too.

And we also got some spiffy coffee (we had some Thursday morning, it's yummy!) and some chocolate and a pretty badge (button).  What a fun day out...!


  1. So many things to see! Beanie must be one tired little mouse after a day packed full of fun adventures!

  2. Another day in London - you are a super-lucky little mouse!!

  3. Thanks for your lovely postcard! We'll make a post about it soon!