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Saturday, 29 June 2013

We forgot to tell you...

When we tried the French Onion Soup and it didn't come out quite right, we made some more scones to make up for it.  And we put Cherries in them!!!  These were YUMMY!!!

I also just changed the visitors map thing as there seemed to be a problem with it.  So, that starts again!!


  1. Cherry scones! YUMMY! They look SO good. Ben says to keep your eyes out for a little surprise package from him and Jerry....

  2. Oh, we forgot to tell you that we are watching Wimbledon tennis coverage every day with our morning breakfast. Jerry and Ben often look carefully at all the crowd shots, hoping to catch a glimpse of Beanie or Bob, but Papa has to tell them that perhaps they are not attending the event. Nevertheless we are flying out little British flag for the special event.

  3. OH!! Thanks Jerry and Ben!! Wimbledon gets seriously busy with lines waiting for several hours to get into the ticket kiosk so we usually stay home for the best view on TV. And cherry scones!!