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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Beanie's Cooking Book!!!

 We've been collecting recipes for cooking and made a cooking book to put them in!!  The cover is made of watercolour paper but we haven't put the title on the front yet.

 This is the first recipe we wrote in it.  We tried it the way it was written but then didn't quite like it so we crossed out a couple of bits!!!

 We got the ingredients there.....

 We'll show you how to make this later.  I made Andrea take photos as I went along!!!

 We've not tried that recipe yet but we will one day!!!

 We stuck a tea bag bag in to use as a little envelope for receipts and stuff!!

 And put another tea bag bag on another page!

That's another recipe for steaming lobsters.  We've not tried that one yet either.
We've got another recipe for Moules Mariniere that we're going to put in too, because we had that in Lille when it snowed and it was yummy!!!
Do you know any good recipes??

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  1. Welll... I came across home-made peanut butter over here in Vietnam - it was sooooo yummy! I made Mama look up some recipes online for it... looks super easy, so will try it once we get home.

    I have some yummy recipes for guacamole and bruschetta... yum!