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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Making postcard books.

 At the beginning of May, Andrea had some time off work..... so we decided to organise our mail art postcard!!  First of all we sorted them all out into closest to 6 x 4 inches, and then sorted them again into "Portrait" pictures (short side is the top of the picture) and "Landscape" pictures (long side is the top of the picture).  Then we got out our new Bakers Twine (string) and a piece of watercolour paper that we'd cut to slightly bigger than 4 inches by a bit longer than 12 inches (allowing for the spine of the book as well)

 The watercolour paper, we painted it Blue and then covered it in clingfilm while the paint was still wet and then let it dry.  It comes out with crazy paving type patterns on it!!!

 Then we got our Portrait postcards first - we had fewer of those, and they'd all fit in one book.

 We measured each one and then put in three holes at an equal distance.  The middle hole was at 2 inches (the middle of the card) and then we measured an inch and a half out both ways from that.

 We got the watercolour paper and measured in a bit more than 6 inches from one end, and put a crease in it for the back of the spine and then measured in for the front of the spine.  This was really hard work!!!

 Then we did three holes on each side of the spine, front and back, the same distance from each other!

 Then we got the Bakers Twine (you can find that on etsy in lots of different colours) and threaded in from the back cover of the book starting with the middle hole, through all of the postcards.  Then you go through the middle hole on the front cover and then thread back through one of the other holes.... all the way through all the cards and the back cover!  THEN, we threaded back through the last hole in the back cover all the way through to the front again...... and FINALLY back through the middle hole all the way to the back!!!

 So the front cover ends up looking like that!!!

 We tried pulling the twine tight at the back so we could tie one knot in it but it didn't quite work!!  So we tied two knots in the back!!!!!

TA-DAAHHH!!  Our first Postcard Book!!!
We've made another four of these using up all the Landscape postcards!!!  Each one has a different coloured cover too!