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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Beanie Went Shopping!!!

Yesterday, Saturday 11th, Andrea said we were Going Shopping!!  I love Going Shopping!!

First of all we went to the train station.....

I made sure we left a tag on the table!!

I love looking out of the window on the train......

Oh, here we are crossing the Thames River!!  We're nearly there!!

And there's the number 73 waiting for us again!!!

I tied a tag onto the seat in front!!

Here we are going past Hyde Park...

We got off at Tottenham Court Road again and went past Freddie Mercury,

And we came to an Art Shop!!!!  We went in and bought some stuff....

and outside, I found a Paris Metro ticket!!!

Andrea had to go for a wee, so I tied another tag to the door.
(that was in the British Museum up the road)

And then we went to the bus stop round the corner.  Hey, the number 29 goes to Trafalgar Square!!  We could've done that with Bob and Dilly had we known about it!!!
Well, there's always next time...

We tied another tag on the seat in front....

And here we are going down the road.....

And we got off opposite another art shop!!!  Let's go in!!!

After we'd spent more money in there, we got hungry so we went in here.

We had a fizzy drink....

And left a tag on the pudding list stand!!!

 We got salmon fish cakes and Fries for lunch and they were YUMTASTIC!!!!

 Then we walked down the road to Trafalgar Square

 There was a big event on there, we think about basketball and cheerleading and a thing called "Shooting Hoops."  All a bit confusing to me...

 There's Nelson's Column.

 It then started to rain and also got a bit bonkers busy so we decided to get the number 11 bus back to the station.

 And tied another tag to the seat in front!!!

 Here we are..... but first Andrea said we had to go and look at something!!!


 That's really weird.....

Some chappie fell head first into the park!!!

We then saw it was a statue!!
Then we went off to catch our train home - and left another tag on the table in front!!

 Then we got the train back home....

 There's Battersea Power Station.

 and on the way home....

 Then we found another grafitti'd cable box!!!

 And then down the road to get the bus home.

 When we got home, I got out the bits that I found!!!  Two subway tickets, two elastic hair ties and two free samples!!!!!

We got a box of 10 empty tubes for when we make paint as well!!!

We also found all they way down the back of the shop a little box filled with Gouache paint on sale, but they only had it in Magenta pink or Cadmium Lemon yellow, so we got one tube of each colour!

At the other art shop, we got 2 Khadi paper square sketchbooks and another travel paint brush!
This brush has a flat straight edge....

 And we got given an information thingy and a free postcard!!!

 And at Victoria Station, we bought a bubble bath bar from Lush!  It's smelly!

 and we also got a tiny little jar of hand cream for £1 and all the money goes to charity.  Andrea's already used some of this, she really likes it!!!


  1. Looks like another great trip :-)

  2. Salmon cakes! Little bears love salmon. yummy!

  3. Sounds like a great trip with lots of new art goodies and delicious treats!

  4. Great trip Beanie! It looks like London is turning green as well although those farm fields still look brown. You find the coolest things!

  5. Looks like a fun day out, Beanie!