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Monday, 6 May 2013

Beanie and the Gang went to London!!!

Yesterday, the 5th of May, Andrea said we were all going on A Special Outing!!!  YAAAY!!

First of all, we went up the road to get the bus, going that way.

The bus didn't go all the way to the train station so we got off here - the Clock Tower has clothes on!!!!  Andrea said it got Clothes-Bombed for the start of the Brighton Festival yesterday!!

We found some more cable boxes!!

this is a strange one....

But the frog at the top is funny!!

We found a new Panda too!!

and a cassette toaster?!?!

And  a very weird animal......

We thought we were going to get a 10:20 train but there wasn't one, so we got the 10:04 slow train to London!  I left a tag on the seat in front!!

And we're going over the viaduct now!!

Then we got into London and the 73 bus was waiting just for us!!  Excellent!

I tied another tag to the seat in front!!

And we got off here, at Tottenham Court Road!!  We walked up past Freddie Mercury at the Dominion Theatre.....

And then went up Great Russell Street past a really good art shop called Cornellison's!!

Oh!  We're going to see this special expedition!!

First of all we went for a wee and left one of Fleur's tags in the toilet!!  Hahahaaaa!!

Then we went to the main gates because we were waiting for Bob and Dilly!!!!  We waited for ages and they texted us to say the trains were messed up - REALLY messed up! - and they were going to be late!!!

Then suddenly, Bob and Dilly rang us, and said they'd got a bit lost and were round at the back entrance to the museum but couldn't find the front entrance!!!!!  Andrea didn't know where the back entrance was but said just go in, and head for the Great Courtyard and we'll see you there!!!  And this was at 2 p.m. which is when our timed tickets said we had to go in!!!

AND THEN THEY MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We all gave a big huge cheer!!  Bob and Dilly's Mum was in a right ol' tizz and nearly in floods of tears and about to go home but we gave them all a big hug and said let's go see the Pompeii expedition first since you're here!!
It was a brilliant expedition too, with loads of stuff to see.
Some of it was quite rude though.... tee hee!!

After we'd had a good look round the expedition AND the gift shop (the best bit!) we were all starvin' marvin' so we went down to Tas, the greeky turkish type restaurant for a Big Lunch.  They brought us a garlicy yoghurty dip and some olives and TWO HELPINGS of bread because we ate the first lot so quickly!!
But it was good bread though...!
Oh, and then Tango gave Bob his favourite blue gel marker pen as a present!!

And George gave Dilly a piece of pink fabric with a Chinese dragon on it!!!

For Lunch, Andrea had a Taboulleh salad..... didn't last long...!

and then had a Chicken Shish with couscouse which is that pile of orange stuff with pink beetroot on top.
That didn't last long either...!

 After that, we went for a stroll down Gower Street to look at the blue plaques on walls where famous people lived.....

 And found some more drain covers!!!!!

 Then, Bob and Dilly said oh, there's a 73 coming soon to Victoria Station - why don't we come and wave you off at the station??  We said oh yeah, that's a good idea - so we all got on and went up to the top deck and sat at the back!
Tied another tag to the seat in front!!

 Tango and Bob decided to wave at everyone out of the window (bob wanted to poo on them like the pidgeons do but his Mum wouldn't let him.)  They were very pleased that they had matching sweaters on!!
Bob said that Tango glows in the dark now, when he wears it!!!

 We're going down Oxford Street here!

 And we saw a bagpiper!  He was making a right bleedin' racket..... noise pollution, that is.

And here we are on Park Lane with a funny statue!!
When we got to Victoria Station, we arrived with 10 minutes to spare for the next Brighton train!
We all did lots of big hugs again - I love meeting Bob and Dilly and their Mum!!  It was a brilliant day out!

 And here we are on the train going past Battersea Power Station....

 Tied another tag onto the seat in front!!

 And here we are going down past the Clock Tower again!!  It's still got clothes on!!!

 Then we got the bus back home....

And had a good ol' look at what Andrea got us in the gift shop!  We've got a DVDVD to watch too!!
What a fab day out!


  1. What a great day out you had Beanie!

    I've actually visited Pompeii - it was amazing - spent hours wondering through the ruins wondering about the people who died in the eruption.


  2. looks like a great day!
    And I might be visiting Brighton this fall btw :-D
    We'll have to see if we can arrange to meet up.

  3. A visit to London, art exhibit, AND lunch with Bob and Dilly? What a fantastic day!

  4. What a wonderful day of fun and information! Love all the pictures!

  5. Sounds (and looks) like you all had an amazing day! Yay!! :)

  6. What an adventure! Charlie and Taddie are most envious.

  7. SULLIVAN'S COMING TO BRIGHTON???!!! Oh that would be super!!! I really hope that happens!

  8. Great day Beanie! I do wonder how it is that you always manage to have the #73 waiting for you. You must be a super-portant mouse! Pompeii sounds beary interesting - you could maybe do a review of your dvd - but that would be a documentary review.

  9. We're planning on a review of that as well, but we've only watched one of the DVDs so far. We want to watch both DVDs before we write a review!