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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Random Acts of Kindness - Boston Marathon

Following the Boston Marathon last Monday, there have been several stories reported in the UK and on Facebook of Random Acts of Kindness from total strangers to victims and survivors of the bombings.  These range from basic first aid, to transport from the bomb site to various hotels, offers of food and accommodation and even marathon finishers giving their medals to those that were stopped before the finishing line.

I would like to suggest to all readers of this blog that Random Acts of Kindness are continued beyond this devastation even in a small way such as paying for the coffee of the customer behind you in Starbucks as well as your own.  Once a month at least.  Or once a week. 

Beats using violence to "get back" at whoever did this.  More productive too.

Pass the message on.....


  1. Another idea - next time you pick up a penny off the sidewalk, put it in a charity box.