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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Movie Review - "The Manchurian Candidate"

Movie review number six!!

This is set just after the Korean War of 1952, when the army has returned back to the USA.  It stars Frank Sinatra as one of the returning Army chaps and Janet Leigh as his (later on in the story) girlfriend.  Frank and his unit return to the US as big heros having rescued the unit, allegedly, from The Opposition in a big fight.  When they're home, they start having nightmares..... but the nightmares are about Russian interrogations and mind control!  It turns out that one of the US unit has been brainwashed into being The Ideal Assassin for the Russian Communists, set up to murder a US Senator!!!  His contact in the US turns out to be....... his own overbearing mother (played by Angela Lansbury)!!  And her husband, another senator, wants to win the next election and they need the Army chap has been brainwashed to kill!!  Frank Sinatra has to try and stop the assassination from happening at a televised political debate at Madison Square Gardens in New York.... but will he get there in time???!!?!  (The ending of this got recycled in one of the Star Trek movies!!  I'll have to look up which one though - I think number 6, The Undiscovered whatsit)

Oh yes, indeed!!!  This is a really exciting story!!!

Beanie gives this one 9 squeaks out of 10!!! 

M&Ms, large packet, peanut style.  


  1. We haven't seen this movie in a beary LONG time, but after reading your review, we want to see it again. The more important question, what does Beanie recommend as the ideal snack to munch on during this kind of movie! We'd like to hear Beanie's snack recommendations for each movie!

  2. OH!! Maybe we need to add "Snack type" onto the reviews.... good idea, Jerry and Ben!!