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Friday, 5 April 2013

Movie Review - "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea"

This is Movie Review number four!  This isn't one of the new DVDVDVDDs we recently bought, but one that we got as a Christmas present last December!

This one is set in we think Victorian times Europe (vaguely 1880s), starting off in a fishing/naval port.  It stars Kirk Douglas as a seaman-for-hire and a French chap as a professory type and James Mason as The Mad Evil Guy.  It's about stories of a seamonster that attacks and sink ships that start circulating around the sea ports and start scaring people.  The French Professor wants to go to sea to see if it really exists and tries to find a ship and seamen to take him. He eventually does (that's how he meets Kirk Douglas!) and they head off towards the USA.  Or it might be based in the USA and they head off towards the Pacific, we're not sure.  But anyway, eventually, they get attacked by this seamonster and the ship sinks, BUT the French Professor, his assistant and Kirk Douglas escape in a life boat.  They they get rescued by the seamonster that actually turns out to be The World's First Submarine!!!!  (I think, since the story is set in the 1880s, it must be a steampunk submarine!!!)  Anyway, the story then goes on about life underwater, what they eat, how they farm for food, and electricity, and escaping maurauding cannibals off a desert island - and THEN ends up on a Prison Island called Rura Pentay (and that idea was later pinched for an alien prison planet with the same name in one of the Star Trek movies!!!) which is when the French professor, his assistant and Kirk Douglas decide to try and escape!!  But I won't ruin the plot by telling you how!!

Actually, this is quite a fun story!!  It's quite a long movie -  made by Disney probably around the 1950s ..... but it's a good yarn with some funny bits in it as well as some scarey bits!!!

Beanie gives it 7 squeaks out of 10!!!

Sushi, with squid's ink dip. 


  1. I squeaks!

    I'd have written sooner, but the lightning and rain messed up our computers for awhile today. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. It's based on the French novel by Jules Verne! Ben is learning French so he likes French things. We like the movie too, it's a fun adventure movie, perfect with a bowl of popcorn to share!

  3. Good review! Mama likes Jules Verne's book "The Mysterious Island" which also features Captain Nemo.