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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Movie Review - "Waterloo Road".

This is Movie Review number three!

This one is an early 1940s black and white movie set near Waterloo Station in London (hence the title!!)  It stars John Mills as an Army chap just about to be sent off to fight in Europe.  He's had a snotty letter from his sister Ruby (who lives with Mum & Dad and John's new wife) all about John's movie wife having an affair with Stewart Granger's character - he's a lay-about-town who's diddled his way out of being called up (forged medical certificate) and spends his time chasing anything in a skirt, drinking and dancing.  Anyway, it turns out that John's wife ISN'T having an affair - it's all made up.  BUT, the movie centres on John Mills going AWOL from the Army to hunt down Stewart Granger to give him a thumping.

Not really.  Other than seeing John Mills and an extremely young Stewart Granger (who's East End accent is only slightly improved on Dick Van Dyke's!), this is actually a bit of a bore.

Beanie gives it 2 squeaks out of 10!!!

Save your money.  You'll be asleep before the end of the movie! 


  1. Alrighty... pass on that one! Oh well... two good movies out of three is pretty good still!

  2. Thanks for the review Beanie. Sounds like one we could pass on too.

    Mom's been sick with a head-cold so we've been watching old movies too. Some of them black and white. A different era from today's movies!

  3. Sounds like this one is a miss for me too. Thin plot, sounds like. Hope your weekend's going great! L&H!