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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Movie Review - "Saraband for Dead Lovers"

We got some new DVDVDVDVDs recently, and we've decided to start A New Project on Beanie's Blog!!  A Movie Review!!!  The first DVDVDVD we watched was called "Saraband for Dead Lovers" by Ealing Studios and it's got Stewart Granger and Flora Robson Dobson in it.  (We discovered later it's actually a true story too!!!)

It's set in the Hanover part of Germany ages ago, like 1700 and something and it's about Prince George Louis before he got to be King George 1st of England.  There was some Political In-fighting that got him married off to his 16 year old first cousin Sophia Dorothea, and they hated each other on sight.  A few years and two children later, a Swedish Prince Koning-something (played very dashingly by Stewart Granger) turns up at the Royal Court and he and Sophia Dorothea fall madly in love...... except she's married to Prince George and Swedish Prince is also - erm - "involved" with another woman who's - erm - bedding her way into the royal court!!!!!  Swedish Prince Koning something then gets sent off to a "never in a million years ever going to win it" war with Prince George's brother Charles in the hope that Swedish Prince thingy will get killed off - but it's George's brother Charles that gets killed and Swedish Prince thingy comes back, much to the delight of Sophia Dorothea!!!!
Anyway, the other woman then gets jealous, Swedish Prince whatsit decides to run away with Sophia Dorothea and then it all goes horribly wrong and the Swedish Prince Konings whats-it gets killed off by his Other Girlfriend!!!  And Prince George gets to be king and Sophia Dorothea gets banned to a castle for the rest of her days....... 

Actually, yes!!!!  It's a very good 1950s-ish Costume Drama, Stewart Granger does a very good Swash Buckle job in it, AND it has the "AAAaaahhhhh......" factor at the end!!!

Beanie gives it 8 squeaks out of 10!!!

Marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate.


  1. Beanie movie reviews, what a great idea!! We can't wait to read your next one! Maybe perhaps a movie with lots of little bears? hehe

  2. Ooh... great review Beanie!! I have to say I've never heard of that movie, although the story does sound familiar - a true Germanic tragedy!

  3. Sounds good, Beanie. I haven't watched a DVD in ages. I like the review idea :)