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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Movie Review - "Footsteps in the Fog"

This is my second Movie on a DVD Review!!!
This one is called "Footsteps in the Fog" and stars Stewart Granger and Jean Simmons in the leading parts, and they were married in real life at the time.

It's set in London ages and ages ago when Rich People (Stewart Granger's character) still had housemaids and cooks and butlers.  Probably around the 1880s.  Anyway, it starts off with Lord Stewart Granger of The Manor burying his first wife, and seemingly despondant.  Except when he's returned home, everyone's left and he has a drink by the fire and starts smiling broadly...... oh-er!!  Then, slowly but surely, the lowly housemaid (Jean Simmons) works out that the first wife didn't die of gastro-enteritis at all..... she was poisoned!!!!!  She tells Lord Stewart Of The Manor that she's worked it all out, but she'll keep her mouth shut if she gets promoted to Chief Housemaid, which Lord Stewart Of The Manor agrees to.  Housemaid Jean then sacks the other two house staff, and manipulates her way into gaining the dead first wife's jewellery.
Lord Stewart of The Manor, being of a similar character, also manipulates his way into A Big Job at a law firm, and proposes to the law firm owner's daughter while he's at it.  The daughters best friend (also working at the law firm) starts getting suspicious about Lord Stewart Of The Manor too.
Meanwhile, Lord Stewart follows scheming Housemaid Jean out of the house one evening in an attempt to Kill Her Off....... on a dark and murky and foggy evening ......... and mistakenly kills someone else!!  Who happens to be the wife of the Local Policeman!!!!!  UH-OHHH!!!!!  Lord Stewart goes on trial for murder, Housemaid Jean lies through her teeth for him and Lord Stewart gets found innocent!!!!!!!
BUT......!!!...... Lord Stewart then tries to set up Housemaid Jean for his own murder, and Housemaid Jean gets arrested by the Police..... and there's some amazing storyline twists and turns at the very end that have you sitting on the edges of the seat!!!!!

Hell, yes!!!!  It's a brilliant thriller movie that's well worth watching!!

Beanie gives it a full 10 squeaks out of 10!!!

Classic Popcorn movie! 

Ed's note - this is Post number 400!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on post 400!!!

    The movie sounds great and your review makes me want to check it out, soon! L&H!

  2. Oooh, it sounds like a beary nice movie to watch with a big bowl of popcorn, but also with some friends in case it gets too scarey!

  3. It's not really scarey..... not hiding-behind-the-sofa scarey....... just a oh-I-didn't-expect-that-to-happen kinda movie!!!!

  4. Sounds like a great movie! I'd never heard of it - so it's always good to find new ones! And 10 squeaks out of 10 sounds spectacular!