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Friday, 15 March 2013

Beanie and The Big French Storm, Day Two!!

 On Monday, we got up early and had a breakfast basket downstairs!!!  We had Panno Shoko Lah (Andrea knows that's my favourite!!!)  Rice Krispies, coffee, apple juice and a mandarin.  Yum!!!

 Then I tied another weathergram in the loo!!!!!

 And then it was time to pack and check out!!!  Where are we going now???

 That's King's Cross Station over there.....

 Oh!!  We're going to St Pancras!!  The Eurostar trains leave from there!!!

 OH WOW!!!!!

 That's a tiger made out of plastic milk cartons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Isn't he amazing!!!

 Then we went through customs to the Eurostar departure lounge.  Wonder where we're going.....

 Well, we got on a train, and just as it was leaving, it started to snow!!!!

And we had more snow.......

 And when we got through the tunnel to France, it was STILL snowing!!!!!

 I had another look at Andrea's phrase book..... Mool Marrinnii...... Mool Mronnoi..... Oh, this one's hard.
Mool Mah-Rinni-Air see voo play
Oh, now I get it!!!  Wonder what that means??
 We're in Lille!!!!  We came here before a couple of years ago and really liked it!!!

 We took a different way into town this time and got a bit lost.  We found a new drain cover though, with a Fleur De Lys design on it!!

 And then we found EuraLille!!  This is a huge shopping mall not far from where we're staying, and last time we found the most amazing art and craft shop here called Loisirs et Creations!!  BUT IT WAS CLOSED!!!  It was a completely different shop there now and no Loisirs et Creations!!!  The bastards shut it down!!!  Creative Neanderthals..........

 So me and Andrea stomped off to the hotel because we were both really grumpy.  But we did see this lovely building on the way....!!

 That's really pretty!!!

 Oh here we are!  We're staying in Le Grand Hotel in Rue Faidherbe.

 And it's next door to a chocolate shop!!!  EXCELLENT!!!!  Oh, that's just a stroke of genius that is!!

We got room 25 on the second floor and a whopping big double bed all to ourselves!!!

 Oh, there's a Thai restaurant down there..... could be handy for dinner time.

 Now, let's check the amenities here...... small bathroom but I'm a small mouse so that's OK.

 And freebies too!!  Excellent!

 Andrea showed me my passport - I got another stamp from the youth hostel in it!!!

 And then we wrote some postcards!

 After that, we decided to go for a stroll.  It was still snowing, and a blusteringly cold wind too......

 That's my favourite clock on the Grand Place!

 OH!!!  That used to be a big pharmacy shop and the only place we know in Lille that sold Kniepp bath oil (aromatherapy stuff and wonderfully smelly in a good way!!  Andrea's favourite thing to get in Europe)  But the shop was shut down!!!  Even some of the windows upstairs were broken out!!!  Oh dear.....

There's the Opera House.  That's not me singing - that's my teeth clattering together!!!
Only one thing for it......

Ah, that's better....!

 Later on, we got hungry so we decided to go to the ElephanThai restaurant for dinner.  Started with a fizzy drink......

 And then chose from the 23 Euro Menu.  We had a starter of Soup De Crevettes, which is a creamy shrimp soup and rather yummy.  Rather sweet, but yummy!!!

 Then for the main course, we had Thai style fried rice with an unidentifiable meat (some kind of bird we think but not chicken) and veggie fry up thing.  The meat, whatever it was, was very VERY chewy, and we couldn't swallow it!!!  Chewed and chewed and chewed, but wouldn't go down.  So we left it.....

 But for pudding, we had Lychees which were fabulously yumtastic!!!  I love Lychees!!!

 Well, that was, erm, "interesting" I think is the word!!!!

By now, we were both exhausted, so off to bed!!!



  1. Ohhhh... excellent adventure!!! A tiger straight out of Life of Pi (be careful Beanie!). And a fleur de lys - Ben will love that! Too bad your favourite shops were closed... that's very annoying when that happens. You come all that way and... phooie!!! And snow as well... my goodness, I don't think you could you have squeezed any more excitement into your day!

  2. Sad that great shops are closing. Another 6 independent shops have gone in Colchester, really nice little interesting ones, just since January. One was an outlet for handmade crafts :( two were unusual gift shops, one sold nick-nacks for bathrooms (mirrors, fancy taps, pictures, ornaments...) and one was a hardware shop that had been there since the 1960s :(
    SO upsetting!! I bet all we get in their places will be betting shops, phone shops and estate agents :(

    I wonder what the chewy meat was???
    No telling in France! It could have been anything!

    I'm sorry the crafty shop had gone though. Hurrumppff!

  3. Ohhhhhh! The Postal Card you Sent us is in your Picture!! Thank you, Beanie and Andrea! How Sweet. *Little Bear-to-Little Mouse Hug*