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Friday, 18 January 2013

Year of The Mouse 2013

Personality of The Mouse
Mouses are inquisitive curious animals that enjoy travelling. They are very good at finding lost items on the floor and recycling them into new objects that can then be re-used. In fact, the Mouse invented The Green Movement currently in use amongst humans. Mouse has a healthy disrespect for authority and are known to have a wonderful sense of humour. They get on very well with everybody.
Mouses are interesting in finding things, making things out of found things, losing them for other people to find, eating cheese and chocolate (not necessarily at the same time), investigating new places and travelling around.  And bellydancing sometimes!

Famous Mice.
The Three Blind Mice
Jerry (friends with Tom, the cat)
Mighty Mouse
Speedy Gonzalez

The Patron Saint of the Mouse is St Anthony of Padua.  He's the patron saint of lost things, seekers of lost things, little animals, travellers and the postal system!!! His information is here -

 I have also created a special Mouse Treasury on

If I've missed anything out, let me know!!!

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  1. Oh, excellent! Can't wait to hear about your mouse-capades this year!

    Don't forget about Mighty Mouse and Speedy Gonzalez - andalay andalay!!!