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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Review of the Year 2012

We started off this year with the invention of Cyberstrology - and 2012 was the Year of The Bear!  We had a Pick Nick to celebrate!

In February, we had a holiday to Brussels!!!  That was great fun, they have lots of chocolate in Brussels!
You can read all about it here!

In March, I started a new collection!
But we found loads more since then...!

In April we did a walk along the seafront here....

And we also had a trip to London - we went to the Tower of London with Bob and Dilly!!

You can read about this trip here...

In May, we went to London again, this time to the Manga Show at the Excel Centre!  We met some more Steampunks!

Then in June, we went to see an art Expedition at the National Gallery in London.....!

That was the month the Queen had a big Jooby Lilly Party on a boat!!!!  We watched it on the telly though, because the weather was shite, and peeing it down with rain.  It did that all year, almost!

In July, we had another day out in London for another art Expedition!!

THEN, we all got super excited because.....

The Bear Olympics started!!!
The opening ceremony is here...
We had Bear Teams from USA, Canada and England and also not-a-bear teams too!!!  We did loads of contests and we all won loads of medols and prizes!!  It was brilliant fun!  Even Dilly joined in!

In August, we had a day out in Chichester to see the cathedral there!
You can read about that here - 
We saw some art expeditions there too!!

Also in August, we were super excited because we met Alexander Mackenzie Bear!!!
 He came to see us in Brighton and we won some toys on the Pier!!
You can read that here -

September was very sad because Bob and Dilly had to say goodbye to their Cat, Mr Scooter.  He was 19 AND a half years old and rather ill.  We all still miss him terribly.

October was nicer though - we started off with ANOTHER art expedition in London!!

Then later on, we had another day out with Bob and the gang!  I got to play on the train with them!
You can read about that here -

And then we had ANOTHER weekend away here!!!
We met up with Bob and Dilly again for my birthday!!!
You can read about that here....

In November, we put some weathergrams out for Sir Woodstock's granny.

And December was a quiet month too......

and we also looked at the Christmas lights!
And that was our year!!!  We did loads of trips away and met loads of friends and we still have a job that earns enough money to let us do all of that, and a little flat to live in!!  AND we got to sell loads of giftwrap off my etsy shop and we even sold some cards and magnets off my Zazzle shop!  Andrea says that makes me an Entry Pre Noor which is French for "Very Smart".  I'm such a lucky mouse you know!!

Last but not least, here's Tango and Boo's favourite Joke Of The Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Beanie's Christmas!!

Well, here's the pictures from our Christmas!!!  When Andrea got up, and poured her coffee, we all sat in our jimjams and started painting!!  We made some ATCs-on-a-postcard.

This is my paintbox!!!

then we helped Andrea do some more of her new Paris painting!!!  It's on that posh paper that Bob's Mum got her for her birthday!!!  (Andrea loves that paper!)

It was miserable weather on Christmas Day.  All wet and horrid.  We were glad to stay indoors in the warm!!

Later on, we had Hot Croissants for breakfast!  We love those!

Then we all pulled some crackers!!

The first prize went to George!!  It's a pink smiley love heart which he wants to send to Dilly!!

The next one was a fortune telling red fish!!  Andrea had that - it said she was independant.

Tango got a fuzzy orange elastic hair tie!!!

And I got a front door key!!!

then we decided to use the paper hats to make some cards with!  that was fun!

We got loads of prizes in the crackers......

Including some more glass marbles for my collection!!!  Wow!  how did Santa know I collect marbles?

We also use the red ribbon off the crackers to make some "Smile, you're wonderful" cards too.  We'll tie those outside when the weather's nicer.
What did you do for Christmas?

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas!!!  Ours has been a little "different" this year - Andrea got a snotty coughy cold thing on Monday and came home early as she decided to "call in sick" for the afternoon.  We all then spent the last two days in our jimjams drinking hot chocolate and eating hot croissants..... but all the presents were round at Andrea's parents house!!!!!  We had nothing under the tree besides chocolate coins and Christmas (pulling) crackers!!!!!  (Santa couldn't deliver any either, because his house got flooded and his reindeer don't have water ski's.)

But we still had lots of fun though..... Andrea took lots of pictures but forgot to bring the camera and cables to the internet cafe today, so we can't post them!  We did lots of painting and glueing and making-of-stuff!  We'll tell you all about it soon!  Oh, and we fed tons of suet to the sparrohs, and Bobbin and Brian Blackbird too!

Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

We went for a walk....!

A couple of weekends ago when it wasn't raining, me and Andrea went out for a walk.  We saw some new graffiti'd cable boxes!!  This one is about an orchestra that makes their instruments out of lost and found stuff!!!  Isn't that brilliant?!!!

This one's a Christmas one (it used to be one of the blue meanie boxes)

and that's the side of the Christmas box.

Then we saw a funny picture on the floor!!!

We ended up outside the Royal Pavilion again and noticed they had a special Pagoda expedition!!!  Andrea said we could get in free with out National Art Pass so we went in!!  We're not allowed to take photos in there, but it's AMAZING!!!  There's lots of dragons in it (George and Dilly would love it in here!!) and one of the pagodas we saw in the music room is a carousel one with horses that go round to music!!  Just like those big carousels that people can ride on!!  It's hysterical!!

I'm so pleased we went in there!!
They even have a tea room in there and Andrea says we can go back again and have a posh tea!!

Completed Beanie Sketchbook!!!

We're doing a book for The Sketchbook Project 2013!!!
Information about this can be found HERE!

And it's MY book!!!!  I get to draw in it!!

Right, well first of all, my coat of paws is going on the front!!!!

It's MY book!!!

And that's where I came from!!

We're putting in my family - this is Uncle Green Beanie..... he shovels shit for the veggies!!!

That's Auntie Baked Beanie - she runs the tanning salon.

And that's Grandpa Runner Beanie, the sports coach.  He won the 100 yard sprint in the 1936 Olympics.

And that's Great Uncle Kidney Beanie, the pee doctor.  He keeps all the samples in his cabinet - vintage goes in the Martini glasses on one side and regular goes in the fish tank on the other side.

This is Granny Broad Beanie.  Don't tell anyone, but rumour has it she used to run a brothel!!!

Here's Uncle Pinto Beanie.  He's from Mexico and he runs the Enchillada trolley!!
They're yummy!!!

And here's Auntie Butter Beanie.  She works in the dairy.  She can make three different types of cheese, you know - strong, mild and smelly!!!

This is Cousin Italian Beanie - he runs the Pizza takeaway!!  He flattens the dough out himself.... but whenever he tries to throw it like he's supposed to, it always sticks to the ceiling, so he ends up just jumping up and down on the dough to flatten it!!!!!

This is L'il cousin Navy Beanie - he wants to be a sailor when he grows up!!  He likes making paper boats out of newspaper!!!!!

And this is Creepy Uncle Fava Beanie.  He works at the butchers and drinks a lot of chianti.
Some people say that they made a movie about him, a really scarey movie!!

And that's the end of my sketchbook!  Hope you liked meeting my family!!

The very last page.... that was fun!