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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Remembering Sunday.....

Last Sunday was Remembering Sunday.  Because it was a nice Sunny day, we had another walk along the seafront.

Hey!  I found 20p on the floor!!  Andrea said because I found it, I could put it in my Nelliebank when we get home!!!  (A Nelliebank is like a Piggy Bank except it's A Nelliphant)

We tied a CD to the railing here!!

New Crazy Golf..... what's Golf??

Gosh, that's lovely......

we tied another CD to a pole!!!

A bit further along, we tied one to the seafront railing for Helena and Scooter.  Helena is Bob and Dilly's Mum and she's not very well at the moment.  So we remember her cat Scooter for her because he died and she's very upset.   We hope she feels better soon.

Then we spotted the silver string from Diane's weathergrams the week before!  (see post below)
I think because it was so windy that day, maybe they got blown out to sea....

There's the West Pier.

Then we crossed the road and tied another CD to another pole.

and tied this one to another railing!  Blue is Bob's favourite colour you know.  His lucky pants are blue.


  1. You're very kind Beanie... so sad to hear Bob's mum isn't doing well. We hope she'll feel better soonest!

  2. You are a sweet-pea, Beanie. I hope Bob's mum feels better soon, too.

  3. So, my weathergrams blew away!
    Think the CD grams are brill. I once used one to decorate a christmas card on an 'exchange ' organised by Helena years back.

  4. Or somebody read the label on the back and decided to take it and keep it....? I don't know!

  5. Gone with the wind....
    Nice of you to do that for Helena!