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Saturday, 10 November 2012

A new Wall-sitter!!!

A few weeks ago, I spotted this chappie sniffing round the bush at the bottom of the garden where the sparrows live.  I opened the window and asked him not to do that, and then he jumped on the wall and scared away all the pidgeons instead!!!!!
What a smart cat!  (He has a white bib on his chest....)


  1. Careful Beanie... cats do like the occasional mouse as well! Unless of course they are Ben & Jerry... in which case a cat and mouse get along just fine! Mind you, that Ben & Jerry are not the same as our pals Jerry & Ben in the US!

  2. Oh yes, be beary careful Beanie, not all cats like cute and adorable mice. We are getting ready to start putting out bird seed during the winter months; we like to look at all the pretty birds.