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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Beanie's Birthday Weekend, Day Three!

On Monday, Tango and Dilly had a lie in after the previous day's excitement..... so me and Andrea had breakfast together!  We had Panno Shoko Lah!!  My favourite!!

I also left another tag in the toilets!!  Hahahahaaaa!!!

Then we had to go pack our stuff up......

And checked out of the hostel.  We all got on a Number 73 bus which were all going through London today!!

And we tied another tag to the seat in front!!!

We saw a rather faboo clock down Oxford Street....

And saw they were planting new trees down Park Lane!

We arrived at the train station with time to spare for our train too!

We got a table seat!!!  And left the last tag on our holiday!

It was really foggy today too.  We couldn't see all of Battersea Power Station!!

Wow...... a proper Pea Souper!!

And then a short walk home!

And I even got a new stamp in my passport too!!!
I really loved this weekend, it was brill!


  1. Well, that's the fun part about staying in Youth hostels - each one has its' own rubber stamp!! You have to specifically ask for them at check out though, otherwise you won't get one.