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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Beanie's Birthday Trombola!!

Well, this is something we did last year and it went down a treat so we're doing it again this year!!
In Celebration of Beanie's Birthday this weekend, we have some Presents to give away.
The first one is the Fridge Magnet (above) of London and famous landmarks

Second one is the London Bus fridge magnet

Third one is the London Taxi fridge magnet.

Four, Big Ben key ring.

Five, Brussels fridge magnet of the peeing statue!!

Six is a Dutch teaspoon with a pair of clogs on the handle.

Bad photo of the clogs!!!!

Now, if you'd like to have one of those items, leave a comment here saying which one you want!!  First come first served..... and I'll send them out next week, so you have until next Tuesday 23rd October.


  1. Happy Birthday Beanie! How old will you be turning?
    Feronia :)

  2. I'm not sure. My first birthday I didn't have an age. My second birthday, I was three. My third birthday I was eight. Last year I think I was five but I'm not sure. I've not decided for this year yet!!

  3. I'm sure that whatever age you are going to be will be the perfect age! The double-decker bus looks beary tempting!