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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Beanie and Tango's Pumpkin carving!!

Andrea bought us a Pumpkin to carve for Jerry and Ben's Contest!!!

First, we have to cut a hole in the top.

OH!!  Pumpkins have seeds in them!!

We scooped out loads of them!!!

Tango checked to see if there was any more stuff to get scooped out....

Then we started cutting out the eyes!  We even had eyeballs in ours!!!!

Then we started work on the mouth.

This one has fangs!!

Oh wow!!  That's pretty good!  We think we're finished!!!

Put candles in it, Andrea!!!!!

Turn the lights out!!!




  1. Excellent pumpkin! Beary scary too - wouldn't want to meet that one on a dark night!

  2. Awesome!! You are so creative! We'll add your wonderful pumpkin to our entires page!