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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Beanie and Tango's Pumpkin carving!!

Andrea bought us a Pumpkin to carve for Jerry and Ben's Contest!!!

First, we have to cut a hole in the top.

OH!!  Pumpkins have seeds in them!!

We scooped out loads of them!!!

Tango checked to see if there was any more stuff to get scooped out....

Then we started cutting out the eyes!  We even had eyeballs in ours!!!!

Then we started work on the mouth.

This one has fangs!!

Oh wow!!  That's pretty good!  We think we're finished!!!

Put candles in it, Andrea!!!!!

Turn the lights out!!!



Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Beanie's Birthday Weekend, Day Three!

On Monday, Tango and Dilly had a lie in after the previous day's excitement..... so me and Andrea had breakfast together!  We had Panno Shoko Lah!!  My favourite!!

I also left another tag in the toilets!!  Hahahahaaaa!!!

Then we had to go pack our stuff up......

And checked out of the hostel.  We all got on a Number 73 bus which were all going through London today!!

And we tied another tag to the seat in front!!!

We saw a rather faboo clock down Oxford Street....

And saw they were planting new trees down Park Lane!

We arrived at the train station with time to spare for our train too!

We got a table seat!!!  And left the last tag on our holiday!

It was really foggy today too.  We couldn't see all of Battersea Power Station!!

Wow...... a proper Pea Souper!!

And then a short walk home!

And I even got a new stamp in my passport too!!!
I really loved this weekend, it was brill!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Beanie's Birthday Weekend, Day Two!!

On Sunday, we all got up and had a breakfast basket downstairs!!!

We're ready to go - what are we going to do today???!
Well, first of all, Andrea asked at reception if we could move to a lower bunk because they're easier to climb into.  They said we could!!!  Same room but bunk 2 which is a bottom bunk!!

Then we had some time to spare so we went out for a little wander.  We found a horse!

And a funny phone box!

We also found a Celtic Knot in some shiney copper!  Hammie would like that....

Then it was time to get Bus 205 back to Liverpool Street Station!  Andrea said we were going to meet someone.

We tied another weathergram to the seat in front!!

And we saw that grafitti on the way too!!

Oh here we are!  This is our stop!!!

And it was then just a short walk down the road to the station!!!

Then we waited at the bear statue.... THEN Bob jumped out from behind a pillar and shouted BOO very loudly!!!!!  He made us all jump!!!  Andrea was so scared, she forgot to get a photo of us meeting Bob and Dilly off the train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hahahahahahaaaa!!!  That was funny!

Then we got a Number 23 Bus..... and tied some more weathergrams!!!

Me and Dilly did some people watching as we went past....

And so did George and Dilly!!

We got off at Marble Arch and then got on a Number 74 Bus going somewhere else.
Guess what?  We lost another weathergram!!!!!

Here's Tango and Bob!  They love meeting up together!!!

They had a people watching session from the window too!!

When we got off the bus, we were all hungry, so we went to find somewhere for lunch.  On the way, we found this mosaic picture!!!

We stopped in a steak house place nearby and Andrea got me a fizzy drink....

And a HUUUUUUUGGGEE plate of fish and chips!!!  (and this was a SMALL portion!!!)
This had snot coloured mushy peas with it.  We didn't eat those.

After lunch, we walked up the road again...... this time we tied a CD to the railings!!

We found a mouse murial outside the Natural History Museum!!!
Oh how exciting!!!

Oh wow!!  A Dinosaur skeleton!!!

Do you think they'd notice if we tied a weathergram onto it???

We found out later that there was a machine you could put money in to flash lights onto the skeleton, so we did!!!  We said it was from Dilly!
Dilly got her name in lights!!!  It said "Dilly [heart] Dippy"!!  Dippy is the name of the skeleton.

That was fun!!

Then I found a special beanie seat to sit on!!

We wanted to go see the dinosaurs but it was super dooper busy there with a 45 minute wait, so we went to see the rocks instead.  We found some glow in the dark ones!!

We also found a meteor!!

It was big enough for us all to sit on!!!

George found some pink sparkly rocks.....

And I found a big turquoise one!  That's the same colour as my stripes!

Pink and Green!  Dilly's favourite colours!!!

We also saw a snake skeleton!!

Then we went and found a Big Whale!!!!!

That's a big skeleton too!!!

wonder if we could tie a weathergram on there....???  Where's the ladder???

We saw a Hippo too!!!

And some mouse type animals!!!!

Then it was time for Chocolate Birthday Cake and tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before that though, Dilly gave me a present!!

And a card!!

Oh!!  They're throwing chocolate poo at a mouse on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's from Bob and Dilly!!  How fun!!!

Now, pressie opening....

Oh!!  It's a chocolate spider and some mini flowers to grow!!!
How fun!  Thanks Dilly!!!

While Andrea wasn't looking, we then all helped ourselves to the birthday cake.
It was truly splendiferous!!!!

Now - blue wrapping paper.  Must be Bob's present!!

OH!!!  It's a wooden make-your-own-Mouse!!
How fab is that!!!  Thanks Bob!!!!!

Then it was group photo time!!  Bob and Tango - they're best mates you know!

Dilly and George!

George gave Dilly that Pink Butterfly!!

And all of us!!!  I think I'm going to be Five this year!!!
What a brilliant birthday!!

Then it was just about time to go..... but not before we found a stone monkey climbing a pillar!!!
(Oh, and we went round the gift shop too!!)

And a little stone mouse at the bottom!!

Then it was back onto the Number 74 bus again...

That's me and New Dino (he lives with Bob and Dilly but I don't know his name.  Seems friendly enough though!)

Then we got off at Marble Arch and walked to the other bus stop!

We saw another statue!!

This one's a cat climbing a tree!!

Oh here we are!  Number 23 is the one we're getting!!

And tied another weathergram to the seat in front!

Oh, we're coming up to Piccadilly Circus now!!

Oh!  Nearly missed it!!

Then we had to wave goodbye to Bob, Dilly and Helena!!  It was getting rather late now, and we still had to change bunks at the youth hostel too.....
I don't like saying goodbye to Bob, Dilly and Helena.... they're such great fun!!

Then it was back to the other bus stop for the Number 205.  We saw some coloured lights too!

Yup, lost another tag on the bus!!!

Here we are back at the youth hostel!!

And all bedded up on the bottom bunk!!  Yay!!!

Then it was straight out to dinner because we were all hungry!  Fizzy drink.....

And Pizza!!!  We got a four seasons one this time!!

Then back home....

Gosh that was fun!
We're all pooped now.........zzzzzzz