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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hit Counter!!!

Well, Helena said my hit counter went dodgy again, so I've just replaced it with a new one!!!  The last one got up to 706 hits before it went weird......

I think the first one we had went to 9999 twice, so we've had a lot of visitors here..... wonder how long this one will last!!!!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


We just thought these were pretty.

We met some cats!!!

Recently, we met some cats while we were out walking!  This one hid under a bush.... and you can't really see his face!!!!!

Unlike this one.....she's really friendly!!

And this little tabby we've never seen before.  We think he's quite new to the area but he's super friendly too!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Updated Cable Boxes!!

We spotted five more grafitti'd cable boxes recently, so have now made a point of photographing them!!
We start with a Blue Meanie.

These are special buses called "The Big Lemon" that run out to the University.  They work on cooking oil instead of petrol!!!

Another Blue Meanie.... They painted this over the Dino Rox Box.  George is Very Upset.

This one's the newest, I think.  It's a Lemur!!

Here are some more cable box thingies that I found in the last couple of months that have been decorated!
at the time of posting (4th Sept 2012) I've spotted another three new ones that I need to go photograph!!

This badger and monkey are next to each other!!

That's the last of the current "new batch"!!

We found the above and the badger back in May 2012. 
The ones after the badger was the start of the collection!!!

 While we've been walking around over the last couple of weeks, we've spotted some decorated electric/telephone cable boxes!!!!!  So we've started a new photo collection!!

 This one has a portrait on it!!!

 And this one is a snowman!!!!!  And he doesn't melt in the sun either!!!

 The side had a happy christmas message on it!!


 I think this one's my favourite!!!  We see this one from the bus when we go to work!!!
I think they made this one specially for George and Dilly!!!

 Numbers, as well....

And a scarey monster too!!

Found in Poole Valley, Brighton in February 2011

This lady was found in near Churchill Square on July 22nd 2012

 This is a new grafitti box that I walk past on the way to work!!!  Found in Brighton in April 2012

And this one, after the Dino Rox Box, is my favourite!!