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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mystery Birds!!

Recently, we had two new birds come into the back gardens and they seemed to be eating the flowers or seeds off the blue cornflowers.  (We had loads of those!!)  But I've never seen these two birds before and don't know what they are!!  There was always two of them at the same time, so I'm guessing it's Mr and Mrs Birdie.  They're the same size as those blue tit/great tit birds with similar markings but they have yellow bits on the wings and a red forehead.

Does anyone know who/what they are???!


  1. Yes, these are goldfinches. They like to eat small black seeds. You can get special feeders for them, with very small holes in them. It's hard to attract these birds to the garden- well done!!! Do you have teasels or thistles in the garden? They love the seeds on them!

  2. Thanks for the info!! Actually it's not my garden - private access to the flat underneath me but my lounge window has direct views so I get to see all the triffid weeds growing as well as the wildlife! I'd never seen those two birds before - this is the first year - and they were gorging on the blue cornflowers!! We have a large Scottish Thistle in there and I don't know what a teasel is!

  3. Hi Beanie,
    I just realized I hadn't signed up to follow your blog. How remiss of me! I was wondering why I wasn't getting updates on your adventures.

    I like birds too and have a local bird watcher that I email pictures to every once in a while. He is very helpful! So much easier than flipping through bird books.

  4. Hello Alexander!!! Glad to see you here! I always post mysteries here - somebody usually knows the answer!!