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Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Queen's Party!

At the beginning of June, The Queen had a four day party in London because she's been the Queen for so long!!  It started off with a big boat parade down the Thames!!!

They even had an old Steam train going over one of the bridges!!!

There were loads of Boats - Andrea said there was 1,000 of them!!!!  Wow!!

And that's the Queen looking Not Amused!!!!!  hahahaa!


  1. We listened to the concert! It was broadcasted live so we could hear it overhere too!

  2. Did Bob and Dilly watch the parade with y'all?
    Sally Ann and Andy

  3. I don't know if Bob and Dilly watched it..... they live in a different town to us you see. I'll have to ask them...!!

  4. We watched the concert across the pond, but it was the following night.