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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Playing with my birthday present!!!

A few days ago, my friend Helena (Bob's Mum) sent me a £20 gift voucher to spend at a snazzy art shop in my home town..... so last week, I went and spent it all on some seriously wonderful heavyweight watercolour paper!!!  (Saunders rough, 425 gsm, for the artists out there!)  Haven't used that weight of paper for centuries and since I've had time off work, decided to start playing with it!!!
I used one of the pictures of Beanie at Rotherhithe at Sunset......

...adding in Tartrazine Yellow, just about my favouritest colour ever!!....

...and then adding the blue, completely cocking up the effect but never mind!!.....

And then adding in the sillouette of the east end docklands with the Shard building on the left.

Then painting in the Thames.....

and then adding in an extra blue wash on top to tone down the sun's reflections....

I finished this one last night so I'll add in the final pics later!


  1. Wow! That is beautiful! Haven't been drawing for more then a year I think... Perhaps we should just get a big piece of paper and get the pencils and ....
    Start drawing! Sigh! Why does the time go so fast?

  2. Oh my bearness! This is wunderful! Wat a talent you have!!!

    425gsm??? WOW that sounds uber-thick!!! I bet Tango cud bild models wiv that!

  3. Wow you are a great painter!!!!! I love it :)

  4. I don't know why time goes so fast..... it seems to speed up, doesn't it?! And yes Bob, that IS uber thick paper!! I like the thicker stuff, 'cos you can attack it more without ripping it!!! Tango has been sniffing round a lot too....!
    I just noticed though, that painting is based on the new header picture, so you can compare it!!

  5. What a fantastic idea with the header picture! Looking forward to how it turns out. Also, I had a peek at your trip. It all sounds wonderful. And, because I can't resist seeing them again, I paged back to all the man hole covers from previous posts. So much art at our very feet!