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Monday, 7 May 2012

Non UK drain covers!

I've decided to split up the drain cover post into two sections - UK drain covers and non UK drain covers.
You see, the combined post was getting rather big!!!!
So..... here are the non UK drain covers, starting with the ones I found in Brussels last February!  This shell isn't really a drain cover but it's still rather pretty!!  So far, all these are European except for one.

That's the last Brussels drain (above)!!!

Recently, I got some mail art from a friend called Kaz who lives in Japan.  Kaz sent me a picture of a man hole cover!!!!!
I can't remember where he said it was - I think it was either Japan or LA, but I'll check and update this update later!!!

Hammie went on holiday a while ago and sent me this picture of a drain cover he found!! 
These are French!
Hammie sent me two more pictures today - he found more drain covers on his camera!!  This one is from Amien in France...

And this one is also from Amien in France!!!

 Last week, Andrea got out some old photographs from a trip she took to Barcelona.  She went there before she met me, which is why I didn't go.  But she showed me a picture of a Spanish drain cover she found there!  It has lots of little pictures all over it!!!

 She also showed me this picture in Barcelona.  She found this on the pavement/sidewalk but she's not sure if it's a drain cover or not. 

She says it might be a fancy sundial or something...

My friend Hammie just got back from a vacation in the Brittany area of France (August 2011).  Because he knows that I like looking at drain covers, he took lots of pictures of different French ones and said I could post them here!
I'm not sure what towns they're in but maybe he'll tell us!

This one looks like a telephone cover!!

A circle inside a rectangle!  We don't get those in England!

This one's almost a Fleur De Lys design!!

A spotty one!  It has measles!

That looks a little bit like the English Gas covers...

I think Hammie said these three are from St Malo.....

Wow!!  Those are pretty!!  Thank you for sending those, Hammie!!!

This one was recently found in Prague, Czech Republic by my friend Sullivan McPig (he has his own blog too, listed on right).  He took a photo of it specially for this collection!
I found this one (above) in Groningen, Holland back in February 2011 and has the Martini Tower on it!

These ones are from Groningen, too!


  1. Woodstock & I are stunned by the variety you found - guess we should have our nose to the ground more often!
    Will now ...

  2. You must have the largest collection of drain covers in the world!!!

  3. @ Blue - these are JUST the foreign ones!! Haven't posted the UK ones yet!!!

  4. Daddy says – and I Agree with him: Oh– Beanie, Bob, Andrea, – we So Enjoy your Drain Covers!!! What a Wonderful 'Unnoticed' Art Form they are!!! It takes Real Character to Look Down and to Really See the Beauty All Around us! You All are a Gift to us. Thank you for Sharing your Loves with us. It makes us Very Happy!

  5. We have a new bridge and a new pavement in town , we'll look to see if we can send you new pictures!