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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Beanie Went to London Day Two!!

 On Saturday we got up early and had breakfast.  Well, me and Andrea did - Tango and George were too busy bouncing on the bed!!!
Honestly, you can't take them anywhere, these days....!

Later on, we got a text message from Bob T Bear!!!!!  He said he was coming to meet us later on!!

We had enough time, though, to go and do a bit of Sight Seeing on the bus!

We went to the Savoy Hotel but they wouldn't let us in.  The miserable blighters....

So we had a look round Trafalgar Square instead.  It was much more fun!!  We met a lion.

And we saw a boy on a Rocking Horse on the Fourth Plinth!!
I wonder if he's in the Olympic Team?

We saw the Olympic Clock too.  The other side said it was 144 days to go, so one side doesn't work properly.  Whoops.

Then we got another bus....

And found a brilliant sign that says Paddington Bear has his own subway stop!!!!  Isn't that fabulous!!
See?  Year of the Bear!!!

Then it was time to get another bus....

Back to the Gherking place....

And there was Bob!!!!!

We all got on a bus to go somewhere special.

There's Tango, me, George, Bob and you can kind of see Dilly's hat behind Bob.   Well, not really but I think Bob jumped.....

OH WOW!!!  It's the Tower of London!!!
That glass triangle pokey thing behind it is a building called The Shard.  It's weird.

Oh, and there's Tower Bridge!!  That's the one that goes up and down in the middle to let the boats through.

George and Dilly found some flowers!!

Oh wow.... it's a big building, isn't it?

LIONS????   They've got lions??!  Wow!

Oh gosh....

 Traitor's Gate????  Don't leave me here, I didn't mean it....!

and the bloody Tower!????!  I'm too scared to go in....!
(Bob and Dilly went in though.  They're brave!)

That's the White Tower.  That was the first bit ever built by some French geezer called Conkering Willy.

Oh!  There's a Guard Man with a fuzzy hat and a gun!

This is where they chopped the heads off people.  Some of Henry VIII's wives had their heads chopped off here, and Lady Jane Grey as well.

 We met a Raven too!!

He was almost but not quite tame.  Well, not really, but he wasn't scared of humans either.
Bob and Dilly's Mum fed him a bisquit but he bit her finger too.
Nasty bird.

We saw a fancy clock too.  That's where the Crown Jewels are kept but Andrea said they're all fakes because Queen has the real ones at Buckingham Palace. 
She wears them under her nightie.

Then we found a big gun cannon with a funny animal on one end!!!

Then we all got hungry so we went for Fishin Chips for lunch!!
They were YUMMMMM!!

Bob and Dilly got us some Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tango got a choccie lollililipop. George got some buttons and I got some chocolate mice!!

George gave Dilly a Speshul Prezzie wrapped up in green and pink paper.  She likes green and pink!!!

We gave Bob and Dilly some chocolate Kinder Eggs with toys inside!!

Oh, and Andrea got some chocolate eggs too!!  She was REALLY HAPPY!!

and we got a card from all of them too!!!

Then we went for another wander round and found an elephant!

And we spotted a huge manhole cover too!!!

Then we found some swords.....

And loads of horses!!!

That's the same horses from the other end of the row.

We could just about see the top of Tower Bridge from here!!

And a Bear too!!!!

Then we went to Beauchamp Tower where somebody famous got locked up but we can't remember who it was.  Dilly would know.  We saw lots of grafitti carved into the walls.

And then we saw a Hammie Bug!!!

Oh!  There's the Bridge again!

That's a brilliant Bridge!

Then it was time to  go back to the bus stop.....

And we got a bumpy bus back to the train station.

WWHHWHwhwhwhhwAAAAaaaa ooooOOOOOoo what's happeNNINNG???

We had time to stop for tea and cake before Bob and Dilly went home

I had a cuddle with Bob and Dilly's Mum.  She's lovely!!  I like having cuddles with her!!!!!

After she went home, we got the bus back.
I don't want today to finish, it was so much fun!!

And here we are back at the hostel!

Later on, we got really hungry again so we went out for pizza!!  We love pizza!!!

We had another After Dinner Walk - there's the Shard building again!

We're exhausted - zzzzzzzzz............!


  1. Beautiful photos Beanie! You got to see Bob and Dilly? How beary cool is that! We love the Tower of London too. We're glad you and Andrea weren't taken prisoners (hehe), but if you were, we'd come rescue you! Thanks for sharing your photos!