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Thursday, 22 March 2012

We're getting healthy!!!

  Andrea went to see the doctor a couple of weeks ago because she had a bad cough.  The Doctor said that she has a thing called Hyper Tension (we don't know why, yet - we'll find that out next week!!)  But this week, Andrea had a week off work and because the weather was nice, we decided to both go for a walk by the sea because that's good for bringing down Hyper Tension.

 Our first walk was on Sunday and the tide was out.  We have sand on the beach!!!

 Let's go that way....!!!
We used to have two Piers here but one of them, the West Pier, burnt down a few years ago.

Even the fences make pretty shadows!!!

The seafront buildings are really pretty along the seafront!  Quite posh and very expensive!!!

 After our walk, we sat down and smelt the pretty flowers.  These ones are called "Hiya Cynthia". 
Who's Cynthia though?

Those ones are Mini Daffodils!!!!
We've done this walk every day this week, except for Tuesday.  Tuesday was Andrea's Mum's birthday so we went to see her and ate lots of food instead!!!


  1. Take care of Andrea Beanie! We recommend nice hot tea with lemon, relaxing naps, and drinking lots of water! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh yes, dear Beanie. Do take care of our friend. Some echinacea tea or maybe some shots of brandy for the cough. Hope she is much better now.

  3. Thanks Jerry, Ben and Kay!! Andrea's cough is very almost gone (when she was smoking, her cough would last for six weeks, this time only about ten days!!) Andrea thinks that because she gained weight since she stopped smoking, that might be related to this Hyper Tension thing. Which is why we're taking walks this week and eating lots of salad!!

  4. Your job is to encourage her everyday to go for those walks. Besides eating the salads, tell her to cut down on the salt. I'm pretty sure salt air doesn't count, so tell her to take lots of deep breaths on those walks.