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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Beanie Went To Brussels, Day Three!

 On Tuesday, we got up for breakfast - and they had Panno Shoko Lah at the hotel!!!!  I'm so happy!!
Later, Andrea asked at reception about how to get to the Art Museum, and they said we could walk there in 5 - 10 minutes and gave us a map with the route on it!!

So off we went and we found another drain cover on the way!!!

We also found a funny fish on the wall!!!

Oh there's a weird sculpture!!  It's a scuba diving monster about to jump into a pond!!!

Oh wow!!  We came to a very pretty park with a pretty building at the end!!!

Oh wow!!!  I like the rabbits at the bottom!!!

 Another drain cover!!

This looks like the centre of town....! 

Oh here we are!!  The Art Museum!!

After we had a good look round, we spent some money in the gift shop and then stopped for coffee!

Then we went for another walk and met a goose on the way!!

Coo...... that's an interesting sculpture!

The sides of it are a bit steampunky!!

Oh what a pretty window!!!  I want one like that!!

Where shall we go now......?

This way!!  They have a fun muriel down here!!

He's peeing in the street!!!!!

Oh that's so funny!!!  Andrea says the statue is called "Mannekin Pis" and sometimes they dress him up in clothes!!!

Then we went to the Grand Market Square...... that picture on the wall is so pretty....

 Andrea says it's Art Nouveau.


 Oh wow!  These buildings are completely over the top!!!!!

 Oh look what we found!!!  Bob T Bear would love it in that museum!!!

 Another goose!

We decided to stop for lunch on the square and found a little Taverna to sit in. 

We had fried scampi and chips and they were yummy!!!

 Afterwards, we had a wander up to the main central train station (where the only post office in Brussels is, according to the tourist information office!)  We went past this pretty picture.

 Aha!  Here we are!

 Then we had another wander around town.  We saw a Hedgehog!!!

 A cartoon shop!  Let's go in!!

 We met a friendly dog too!!!

 Wow, that's a pretty view...!

 Now, there's a building!!!!

 That one's a museum of musical instruments!!!

 We stopped for a hot chocolate drink on the way..... that was VERY yummy indeed!!!

Then we came across an oom-pah band playing in the street!!!  Me and Andrea had a little boogie dance while they were playing and we clapped loudly when they finished!!!
I wish Hammie was here - he likes dancing to music too!!!

 When we got back to the hotel, we got out all our shopping!  Postcards from the art museum, a Tintin book and calendar and some smelly Kneipp bath oil that Andrea likes.  She's says it's aromatherapy and it's good for you.

 We found loads more parking tickets today too!!!!

 We made another postcard for someone as well!!!

 Then we went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant down the road called Patty Pate's.  We had a beer....

 And we had a Cannelloni stuffed with crab and scampi with cheese on top!!!!  This was very yummy indeed and we couldn't finish it all either!!! 
We later discovered that they had one of those mangle machines that rolls and thins out hand made pasta!!  No wonder this tasted so good!!!

Wow!!  What a day!  I'm totally pooped.......


  1. Pain au chocolat for breakfast, a visit to La Grande Place, the famous comic book museum, Tintin...!!!! What an awesome day you had Beanie! We loved looking at your photos, and we can't wait to go back to Brussels in 2013!

  2. Yeah, it was busy!! I hope you get to visit next year, Jerry and Ben!!

  3. Dilly like big gween fish! Fnar!