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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Beanie Went To Brussels, Day Four!!

 On Wednesday, we had Panno Shoko Lah for breakfast again!!!  Andrea had the croissant and coffee.

Then we went to the nearest subway/Metro stop to go somewhere fun!!!

We got off here at a stop called Rogier.  Wonder who he is????

OH!!  It's a Comic Strip Museum!!!!

Let's go in!!!!

It's Asterix and his dog!!!!

And that's the rocket that Tintin went to the moon in!!  How exciting!!

This is another Art Nouveau building..... the roof is pretty....

Then we had a good look round the museum!!  It had loads of comic strip in it of lots of different comics!

And there's even an artists desk with all the paints and pencils ready for him/her to use!!!
That's a little bit like Andrea's work desk at home - very messy!!!

 After that, we had a look round the museum shop and then stopped for coffee.

Then we decided to walk to the main square again.  We went past the Cathedral.

And saw a statue with donkeys in it!!

 We met an elephant on wheels!!!  Hahahahahahaaaa!!

 And we saw a crocodile made of bread!!!

 And a dragon made of floor tiles!!

Oh wow....!

Then we got hungry so we went into another Taverna on the main square for lunch.

We had Moules Mariniere with fries!!!  Andrea says it's one of her favourite meals (I understand why, now!) but usually has it with bread that she dunks into the soupy bit at the bottom.

Oh!!  There's Tintin and Captain Haddock!!!

We saw a Court Jester shop sign too!

There's the Mannekin Pis again, and he's peeing with his clothes on this time!!!!!

 We saw a very pretty brass shell on the pavement today.

Oh wow!!  Andrea says that might be part of the orignal town walls.....
It definitely looks very old.


There was a sign on this building saying it was built in the 1500s!!!!!

Then we saw this statue somewhere.....!

And lost some tags on the way!!!

We saw this muriel of some warrior women!!!  They're scarey!

Somebody drew a radio here!!  I liked the coloured glass at the top.....

 That's pretty too.

 And another drain cover!!  They have really nice ones in Brussels!!!

And they have red post boxes too!!  (You just can't find anywhere to buy stamps though.....!!!!)

 When we got back to the hotel, we got out all the parking tickets and elastic hair ties that we found today!
We got loads!!!

  Andrea even remembered to buy us a big box of Belgian Chocolates to take home!!!  Yay!!!

We also got some dark chocolate for Andrea's Mum because it's her birthday soon.

 Later, we went back to that Italian restaurant again for dinner!!!  We like it in here...!
This time, we had Tortellini-oni with mushrooms and chicken and lots of cheesey sauce on top!!  It was seriously scrumptious!!!!!
Andrea always makes sure I eat well on holiday, have you noticed?!?!?!?!!

Gosh, I'm exhausted.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


  1. LOTS ov luverly fotoes!
    Dily like old carsolly bilding,
    an wagon on tiles,
    an CROCODILE BRED! FNARR!!!! Dilly NEVER see crocobred befor! FNAR!!!
    Look like LOT fun!

  2. Yeah, I thought you'd like the croco bread!!! It's too pretty to eat!!!

  3. Beanie you saw so many cool things I'd be exhausted too!

    Thanks for sharing your trip to Brussels.

  4. You should be Exhausted, Beanie! You and your Mum sure know How To Travel! My Daddy says that you are Quite Fortunate to be able to Visit Other Cultures with such Ease. We would Love to come over to England and then the Continent in 2012. Perhaps we could make it by my Daddy's Birthday in early September? He says that we would have to Couch Surf with my Friends if they would have us.

  5. Hey Ryan!! I hope you get to bring yoru Daddy over to Europe this year!!! Unfortunately, me and Andrea live in a very small apartment and don't have a couch for you to surf on.... but I still hope you get to come over!! It would be so much fun to see you!!

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