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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cyberstrology Year of The Bear, 2012

Since the Chinese New Year starts on 23rd January this year, I think it's only fair and reasonable that the Cyberstrology New Year starts on the same day.  So MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!!  23 JANUARY marks the start of the Year Of The Bear!!! 

Special Notice for All Bear Bloggers.  Please decide how you'd like to celebrate your year and when you've posted about it, put a comment here so we can all check in to find out!!!

Personality of The Bear.
Bears are very Loyal Animals.  Once you've made friends with a bear, he or she is friends For Life.  He will provide Nose Hugs when needed (and also when it's not!!!  That's just because he likes you!) and Issue Tissues when you're upset.  Bears make excellent navigators so be sure to take one when you go on holiday.  You'll never get lost that way.  And even if you do, Bears always know where to find Honey, so you won't go hungry.
Bears are interested in Football, Beer, Poo, Farts, Playing Pirates, dancing and gardening.  They specialise in fertilising.

Famous Bears.
Winnie T Pooh
Baloo T Bear

The Patron Saint of the Bear is St Ursula.  Her information is here

I have also created a special Bear Treasury on etsy here

NB.  If I have missed anything out of this Bear Description, please comment and let me know.  I shall amend where needed!


  1. So that's what the T stands for in Bob T Bear (esq)!

  2. Famous Bears? You forgot Bob. T. Bear, and two little bears in the U.S. who do a lot of traveling, hehe.

  3. Congratulations on this initiative. It is a wecome attempt to raise the profile of Bears. Mind you every year should e a Year of the Bear in my view!Keep up the good work

  4. this is my 3rd attempt to leev a comment! I rekkon the dragons ar trying to stop us detrakting from their yeer ov the dragon!

  5. You may be right!! You get a special award for persevering!!