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Monday, 26 December 2011

What we Did on Christmas Day!!

Yesterday morning we were all so excited that we made Andrea get up early!!  We wanted to open all our presents!!

 We started with the Kart one from Australia!!  It had 17 different mail art things from all over the world, including one of Andrea's CDs!!!

Then we opened two presents from Andrea's brother - they were movie DVDs!!  That's good, because there's crap on TV at the moment. 

THEN we opened the one from Bob and Dilly and their family!!  It was even from Scooter the cat!!!

It's a book about funny envelopes like Andrea makes!!!!

Oh what fun!!!!!

Then we opened the one from Raquel!

It was a Nativity set!!

 We saved Bob and Dilly's proper present to last!!!  It was the biggest!!!


Look at all this!!!

We even found chocolate bears!!

Tango found a fifth bear hiding at the bottom of the box!!!

LOADS of stuff to play with!!!!

Then it was time for breakfast....

We had croissants and babycham!!  It made us hiccup!!!

Then we went for a walk to Andrea's parents!

And we lost stuff on the way!!

We found some dogs in a shop window!

And a red bear!!!

And a piggy and a skull!!!

And another bear!

Then we saw the big Christmas tree in town!!!

and a Hannukah chandalier except I don't think it's called that....

Here they'd painted the windows!!!

We had to walk through a park, and they'd chopped a tree down and turned it into a chair!!!!!

We're going in here!!

We had more presents and lunch!!!

And then lost more stuff in the park on our way home!!!

Can't forget to decorate a bike, now, can we?!?!

That's the old Pickfords building....

When we got home, Andrea showed us her presents!!  More DVDs and somd fancy ink....

Belgian biscuits!!  Yum!

Smelly soaps..... Andrea says I can have the wrappers!!

And these ones are specially for me!!!!!  They're out of the crackers!!

And before we went to bed, Andrea gave me some of her biscuits!!
Wow, what a day!!!


  1. What a beautiful day you had, Beanie! I'm very happy to see how many presents you've had :)

  2. What a great Christmas!
    I love that piggy bank you saw.

  3. Soap wrappers, biscuits, giving away Found Art, an outing... Whew!
    May your Christmas Season continue to be a Whirlwind of Joy, Beanie!!

    PS Thank You for the Really Nice Card! :o)

  4. Mummy sez the Jewish candol thingy is calld a Menorah. But she issent that smart cos I happen to noe she cuddent rememebr it an had to googol it HAHAHAHA!

    I'm glad yu liket the Beanie Box. Beanie Box Mark 3 is underway- a smaller wun this time, mayde ov a teabag box!

    I wonder how that bear endid up at the bottom ov the box! I put them all rownd the edges! Hehehe! Glad yu liket the stuff inside. Mor eklektic mix this time, as mor peepol contribewtid!

    It was nice to see yu go for a nice walk on Crimbo day. I like to do that too.

    Mummy's present from Daddy was a Kindle, so she an I hav been downloadin lots ov free an cheep books. Weev alreddy red a reelly spooky goste story!

    I like the idea ov leeving art abowt. I'd like to do that. But do yu ever get cort, or get told off?

    Happy New Year!!!!!

  5. Oh no, we never get caught!!! We always do a crafty "look that way look the other way" like on the goon show, just to make sure no-one's looking, and then tie the art on!!! Very spy-ish!!