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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Review of The Year, 2011

 Wow!!  What a busy year I've had!!!  It started off in January with some Long Walks Along The Seafront, one of which we had a play on Brighton Pier, and won some toys in the arcade games!!!

Then in February, I had a really exciting trip to Amsterdam by Air o'plane!!!  I met Hammie and Sullivan on that trip!!!!  It was so much fun!!!
 In March, we had a surprise visit with Andrea's friend Mim from America!!!  They've been mail-arting together for we think about a dozen years, and this was the first time they met!!!
That story is here

 Also in March, we had a day out to Winchester!!!  We went to see King Arthur's Round Table and took pictures specially for Hammie!!

 In April we had another day out.... this time to Spitalfields Market in London!!  We'd never been there before.

 Then at the beginning of May, we went to see our friends Lynne and Chazzy Doggie on the Isle of Wight!  That was the same time as Will and Kate got married - that was on the telly!!!

 At the end of May, we had a long trip to London, and I met a Real Steampunk Captain!!!!!!! That was SOOO exciting!!!!

 In July, we went to London again to use out National Art Pass Card to get into a watercolour expedition for half price!!  That was fun!
 In August, we decided to take a proper look at Portsmouth Historic Docks..... we'd been past them on the way to the Isle of Wight but had never been in to see the boats.  We found Pirates too!!
We also found some bread mix in one of the shops, and learnt how to make bread this year!!!  I've never done that before!

 Also in August, we went to another art expedition at Somerset House!  We used our Art Pass card again and got in free!!!
In September I also sold a painting off my Etsy shop!!!!  That was SOOOO exciting!  We've sold two paintings and several sheets of hand printed wrapping paper too!!!!

October was my birthday!!!  I had a whole weekend in London and met my mates Bob T Bear and Dilly!!!  We had a big Feast in a Posh Restaurant and shouted at some protesters too!  That was heaps of fun!

And then just a few days ago, I had another day out in London!!!
And on top of all that travelling, we met loads of friends of ours. Andrea STILL has a job (which is quite amazing seeing how loads of other people are getting laid off at the moment) and we have a lovely little flat to live in, and yummy food to eat and Andrea can afford to take me on lovely trips to places.....
I'm such a lucky mouse, you know......

Thursday, 29 December 2011

We went to London!!!

  Yesterday morning, me and Andrea got up REALLY early when it was still dark!!!

We got a bus into town..... the Christmas lights look so much prettier when it's dark!!

 Oh wow!!!  Look at them!!!

 Then, we got on a big coach!!  We're going somewhere!!!!

About an hour later, we got to somewhere called 'Burbs!  Andrea said it was just outside London!

 Then, a little later on, we arrived in London!  We even got here 15 minutes earlier than expected!!!

We walked up the road to the train station, and had to get a bus.

 We got the number 38.  This bus stops right outside the Royal Academy opposite Fortnum and Mason's shop, which is very handy if we ever want to go see an exhibition there!!

 But yesterday we didn't - we got off at Piccadilly Circus!!  I've never been here before!!!

Then we walked down to Leicester Square and along towards Covent Garden.  We went in here but couldn't find what we wanted.....

 So then we got a 24 bus.....

 That took us to Tottenham Court Road Station!  We walked down the road a bit - and then saw Tas Restaurant!!  We've eaten there, it's yummy!!

And then we went to the British Museum!!!  Andrea said there was a Manga exhibition there!!!

 It turned out to be a really small exhibition and not really what we expected, so we were a little bit disappointed.  But, in the gift shop, we found the Manga book that the exhibition was about, so Andrea decided to get it!!!  It's all about this Professor here, and his adventures in London!!!

 Then we went down the road to Andrea's favourite art shop!!!

  They had a funny tree in the window!!!

 Then we went back to Tas for lunch!!!  We had taboulleh (yummy!!) and hot bread with a cheesey dip (more yummy!!!)

 and then we had lamb shish with couscous (more yummy again!) and a big glass of pommegranite juice which was FAB!!

 Then we got the 73 bus......

I really like riding London buses!!!

 We got off a Hyde Park Corner because Andrea spotted something.  We walked under the "Underpass" and saw lots of pretty tile pictures!!

 In Hyde Park they had a Winter Wonderland amusement thingy..... but it cost lots of money to go in so we didn't.

 Then we got a 16 bus which took us behind Buckingham Palace.

 And back to Victoria Station!!!

 Then we walked back to the Coach Station......

 And got the coach home!!

 JAFFA CAKES!!!!  Andrea remembered the Jaffa Cakes!!!

 I love these!!!

 Here we are in Sussex now...... you can tell because it's all green!!!

Here we are back home!!!

 We then got a bus back to where we live....

 And saw more Christmassy lights!!

Here's the Manga book we bought!!!  It's Professor Munakata's British Museum adventure!!

 And it's written and drawn by Hoshino Yukinobu.  Apparently he's one of the best Manga writer/artists around.   This book has a bunch of other stuff in it as well as the Manga story, including an interview with Hoshino Yukinobu.
We started reading this last night, and it's a really good story!!!
(Ed's note: this book costs £14.99 and if anyone's interested in getting a copy, I'd suggest looking at the museum website at - I think that has a "shop" section)

 We got some postcards too!!

at the art shop, we got these things - there's a hole in the metal end which you can put your pencil stubs into (when they're down to the last couple of inches!) and then you push the circular band up which tightens it.  So, you can finish using up all your pencils!!  Andrea says it might work with soft pastels too.

and we found two more of these as well!!!
What a fun day!

Monday, 26 December 2011

What we Did on Christmas Day!!

Yesterday morning we were all so excited that we made Andrea get up early!!  We wanted to open all our presents!!

 We started with the Kart one from Australia!!  It had 17 different mail art things from all over the world, including one of Andrea's CDs!!!

Then we opened two presents from Andrea's brother - they were movie DVDs!!  That's good, because there's crap on TV at the moment. 

THEN we opened the one from Bob and Dilly and their family!!  It was even from Scooter the cat!!!

It's a book about funny envelopes like Andrea makes!!!!

Oh what fun!!!!!

Then we opened the one from Raquel!

It was a Nativity set!!

 We saved Bob and Dilly's proper present to last!!!  It was the biggest!!!


Look at all this!!!

We even found chocolate bears!!

Tango found a fifth bear hiding at the bottom of the box!!!

LOADS of stuff to play with!!!!

Then it was time for breakfast....

We had croissants and babycham!!  It made us hiccup!!!

Then we went for a walk to Andrea's parents!

And we lost stuff on the way!!

We found some dogs in a shop window!

And a red bear!!!

And a piggy and a skull!!!

And another bear!

Then we saw the big Christmas tree in town!!!

and a Hannukah chandalier except I don't think it's called that....

Here they'd painted the windows!!!

We had to walk through a park, and they'd chopped a tree down and turned it into a chair!!!!!

We're going in here!!

We had more presents and lunch!!!

And then lost more stuff in the park on our way home!!!

Can't forget to decorate a bike, now, can we?!?!

That's the old Pickfords building....

When we got home, Andrea showed us her presents!!  More DVDs and somd fancy ink....

Belgian biscuits!!  Yum!

Smelly soaps..... Andrea says I can have the wrappers!!

And these ones are specially for me!!!!!  They're out of the crackers!!

And before we went to bed, Andrea gave me some of her biscuits!!
Wow, what a day!!!