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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Beanie's Birthday Tombola!!!!

 I discovered last week that I had some stuff from my travels that I want to give away, and since it's my birthday soon, I thought that would a good excuse to have a Birthday Tombola Giveaway!!!
So, Prize One is this sew on embroidered patch from Amsterdam

Prize Two is another sew on patch from Amsterdam!!!

Prize Three is a blue and white china Fridge Magnet from Amsterdam
Prize Four is another blue and white china fridge magnet from Amsterdam

Prize Five is a yellow clog keyring from Amsterdam.  It has pictures all the way round both sides as well as the front.

Prize Six is a brass Big Ben keyring from London.  It can stand up on it's own, too!

Prize Seven is a London Double Decker Bus keyring - this also as a zipper on the bottom so you can open it up and use it as a purse as well.

If you post a comment under this post and say which prize number you'd like to "win", I shall have a Big Birthday Tombola Prize Draw ..... say in about ten days' time, so that's about 25th October?


  1. Oh! How cool that you give presents on your birthday. You're some kind of Santa Mouse! :-p
    I like to be entered for prize 7!

  2. You are so thoughtful to be giving things away on YOUR birthday! I would like prize 5 - I went to Amsterdam when I was about 4 years old and always wanted a pair of clogs to wear but never got any....

  3. Hi! I've got the double decker bus keyring already, 'cause you sent me one, and I love it!
    So, my favourite is the first patch from Amsterdam :)

  4. Wow, just finally got round to reading this post. I'm currently on a short bearcation.

    What a great idea to give presents on your birthday! A beary thoughtful and generous gesture.

    They are all such great souvenirs. If I were allowed to choose, I'd have to say my favorites are the blue & white magnets. Hard to choose between them, they both remind me of places in books I've read.

    Beanie I hope you have a beary nice birthday!

  5. Wow, Beanie! Birthday Presents for Others on your Birthday! How Nice!!!

    First –we Wish you a Very Happy Birthday, Beanie! You are the nicest Mouse we Know! Second – we would Enjoy 1,2,3, or 4, Beanie. My Daddy tells me that he was in the Netherlands 2 times and liked it there. He wishes to Take me There one Day. We can visit Hammie and Gea and on the way we can Stop in and Visit You! Wouldn't that be Nice?

    If you are ever over for a Florida Holiday... stop in and stay with Us!
    –Ryan and Pinkie

  6. I've already got all things you showed, so I'll join by keeping my fingers crossed for the others ;-)! I can really recommend the bus key ring, G. keeps her mobile phone in it!!!
    @ Ryan: If you would be here you could see Sullivan too, he lives very near to our village!