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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

We Made Scones!!!

 The other week, Andrea brought home a packet of Scone Mix and said we were going to Do Cooking again!!!  I like cooking!!  I like eating what we cooked better though!!

 First, we emptied the Scone Mix into a Big Bowl..... just like making bread!

 Then we had to add a bit of milk.  Hmm, this is easy.....

 Then we had to mix it all together until it looked like this!!  That was messy...

 Then we decided to add some sultanas and raisins because Andrea says Scones taste better with them in.  We had to mix it all together again....

 after that, we were supposed to roll out the mix and cut out the scones with a round cutter thingy.  We didn't have a round cutter thingy, but since the packet said that it was enough mix to make eight scones, we just divided it all up into eight round-ish thingies!!  Then we put them in the oven and cooked them!!!

 They came out looking like this!!!

We had one for pudding after our dinner!!  We cut it in half, and spread some butter and jam on each half and ate it all up!!  Andrea says that in Quaint English Tea Rooms, you can have Scones with Jam and thick cream on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to go to a Quaint English Tea Room!!!!  Please please please!  Can we??!


  1. Can I come too??? We love high tea!

  2. Oh, that looks so tasty!
    *runs off to find something to eat*

  3. Oooh - we love scones at mousie towers - yummy you clever mouse!

  4. Can I come too?! I agree with Sullivan - I'm hungry now!!

  5. Oh, let's all have a tea party with Scones And Jam And Cream on top!!!

  6. We would like to go too! We are hungry! They look delicious! :)

  7. Yum, yum, and more yum! Those scones look beary delicious!

  8. I luv scones! We get that mix too!! Nex time buy sum clottid creem too, an yu can hav them jus like in the tea rooms, sept wiv as mutch creem as yu like an no grumpy waitress to say no, yu did hav lots, an most peepol mayke it larst over both scones, an it wassent troo cos Granny waz thare an she ate most ov it.

  9. Right then!!! I'll sneak into the shopping trolley next time Andrea goes, and make sure we get the Clottid Cream and I'll put half the tub on top of my Scone!!!

  10. Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day!
    Come an joyne in, or ye be walking the plank, along wiv Dilly-Frilly-Knickers, the green wench!

  11. Hey Beanie! Go heer-

    it's a quiz that givs yu yor own pirate nayme!!!

  12. It says I'm "Mad Jack Bonney"!!!!!Arr, I be Mad Jack, be me...!!

  13. Mmmmhhhhh, those delicious scones. We would like to get some out of the monitor... Greetings :-)