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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

We made bread!!!

  Last week, we decided to have a go at making bread with that bread mix we got in Portsmouth!  So we got out a Big Bowl, Mixing Stick, Spoon, Olive Oil and Bread Mix. 

First of all we put the Bread Mix into Big Bowl!  Andrea said it already had in it flour, yeast, honey (I love honey!!) and salt.
Now what do we do?

 Then we put in Spoon of Olive Oil.
Now what??

  Then we had to put in 250 ml of warm water and THEN I had to mix it all together!!
This bit was really difficult for a little mouse with a Big Mixing Stick, so Andrea helped out.  She got her fingers very sticky with the dough mix so she couldn't take any pictures of that bit!!

 But it ended up looking like this!!!
 Now what do we do???

 Then, we had to pull it out into a bread loaf shape and put it into a tin.  Then we had to leave it until it had doubled up in size!!!

 OH!!  Is that double???!
Andrea said it was, so we put it in the oven for 30 minutes like it said on the instructions!!!

 I was sat by the oven sniffing and sniffing and then I started dribbling because the smell was so nice!!

 And this is what came out!!!

 We cut the end off straight away and put butter on it and ate mmmyum it myumyumyum very quickly.

 The next day, we decided that it was still a little gooey on the bottom, so we put the loaf back in the oven for 10 minutes without the tin.  It came out crusty all over so we had another slice!!!

 we myumyum put more myumyumyum butteryumyum on it myumyumyum and ate myumyumyum it myumyum evenyumyum quicker....!!!

Over the weekend, Andrea got some different bread mix and made a brown wholemeal loaf of bread!!!
I like testing bread!!!
And the birdies outside like eating the crumbs too!!


  1. You're making me hungry with these pictures!

  2. Yum, yum, yum! We bet the bread is delicious toasted with jam!

  3. My Mommy Loves Warm Bread!! She says she Wishes she Was There!

  4. We ate baguette bread for more than a week! And your favorite PAIN AU CHOCOLAT!!!!! That was yummie too!

  5. Panno Shoko Lah???? You had Panno Shoko Lah?!?!? Oh I'm so jealous!!!