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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Beanie's Day Out in London!!!

  Last Sunday, Andrea said we were going out again!!

 We went up to Train Station again!!  Wonder where we're going this time?

 I made sure I tied a tag onto the seat in front!

 And then watched the countryside going past....

We got to London again!!  Andrea needed to go for a pee, so I tied another tag to the door.

 And then we had to go out and get a bus.

 We got the Number 11 bus - here we are outside Westminster Abbey!!

 And then going along White Hall.  That's where Prime Minister lives.

 And then we got off here at Aldwych!
We came here last time!

 And there's Somerset House!!

  Andrea said we were coming to see this Exhibition!!!  We used out National Art Pass again and we got in completely free!!!  Wow!

 I love this Courtyard....!

 I had a big surprise inside the building though!!  We saw some Indoor Drain Covers!!!
I never knew there were indoor ones!

 These are a bit dark.... but they're ever so pretty!!

  It's a shame we couldn't take them home with us!

 I really like these ones!!

After we saw the exhibition (which was great fun by the way!  We did Shopping in the gift shop too - more on that later) we got another bus to go for lunch.
  and we got off here at St Paul's Cathedral!

 We had a good view from the restaurant table!!!

 First we got the drinks in....

 And then we got Baguette to nibble on!

 and then we had pan fried salmon on a salad nicoise which was seriously yummy!  We ate the whole lot!

 Then we got another Number 11 bus back into town.  We went down Fleet Street where Sweeney Todd worked.

 And then we got off near the Savoy Hotel and found a little passageway to this little park!

 And then we found this!!!  The river Thames used to come all the way up here until they changed the banks of the river to build this park.

 We found a camel here too!  There were even pingpong tables for people to play games on!!!

 We walked through to Embankment - this way, you can see to St Pauls and Gherkin.

 And the other way, you can see the Millenium Wheel!

 We then walked back up the side of Charing Cross Station.....

 To Trafalgar Square!

 This is the Count Down Clock for the London Olympics!!  Less than a year to go!!!

 Then we went and did more Shopping at an Art shop!!  I love going in here!

 And we also met Elephant.

Then as it was nearly home time, we got another Number 11 bus...

 Back to Victoria Station!

 And we crossed the river at Battersea Power station.

 and then we got the bus home!!

 We got our shopping out at home.... this is the book of the exhibition.

 We got postcards to send people too!!!

 Andrea even bought me a present of candy!!

 They're made out of Green fairy potion!!!

 I wonder if Sullivan would like a pack of these?  We should've got two.... oh well.

And we also got two books made out of Indian khadi paper.  I use these for scrapbooks!!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

We made paper!!!

A couple of weeks ago, Andrea bought some red printing ink and we made loads of lino prints onto tissue paper!!!  We made red flowery ones and red fishy ones and red stars that we coloured in with gold and silver ink!!!  They're hanging up drying now!!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Updated Drain Covers

Hammie sent me two more pictures today - he found more drain covers on his camera!!  This one is from Amien in France...

And this one is also from Amien in France!!!

 Last week, Andrea got out some old photographs from a trip she took to Barcelona.  She went there before she met me, which is why I didn't go.  But she showed me a picture of a Spanish drain cover she found there!  It has lots of little pictures all over it!!!

 She also showed me this picture in Barcelona.  She found this on the pavement/sidewalk but she's not sure if it's a drain cover or not. 

She says it might be a fancy sundial or something...

My friend Hammie just got back from a vacation in the Brittany area of France (August 2011).  Because he knows that I like looking at drain covers, he took lots of pictures of different French ones and said I could post them here!
I'm not sure what towns they're in but maybe he'll tell us!

This one looks like a telephone cover!!

A circle inside a rectangle!  We don't get those in England!

This one's almost a Fleur De Lys design!!

A spotty one!  It has measles!

That looks a little bit like the English Gas covers...

I think Hammie said these three are from St Malo.....

Wow!!  Those are pretty!!  Thank you for sending those, Hammie!!!

 The next four are ones we found in Portsmouth!  This one is in the Historic Dockyard!

And this one got poo'd on by a seagull!!

This is an arrow one for the Brunel House in Portsmouth!

This is another one we found in Portsmouth.
This one was recently found in Prague, Czech Republic by my friend Sullivan McPig (he has his own blog too, listed on right).  He took a photo of it specially for this collection!
These ones are from Brighton and Hove. We went for a walk along the seafront last week, and found some more drain covers!!  This one has holes in it!!!

 And this one has lumps!!!

 This one has holes and lines on it....

 And this one is self locking!!!  How does it unlock though???

 This one looks a bit like a wagon wheel and has bits of glass in!!

 Oh!  I think this one's my favourite!  It's got a daisy in the middle!!!

 We found another drain cover just with lines on it.

I decided to add my three new found drain covers to the big post of all of them!
This one I found in Rotherhithe, London, last May!

This one I found near Spitalfields Market in London

And this one I found near Victoria Station, London, not far from that fancy hotel that Princess Kate stayed in before her wedding!!
(Ed's note: I can't tell if this is the same as the other starburst ones we found in Brighton.....?)

As promised, I've now collected all my drain cover pictures into one post!!! This one is the latest, taken in Brighton, England!

And a round Brighton one with holes in!!

And a rusty Brighton drain cover!!

I found this one in Groningen, Holland back in February 2011 and has the Martini Tower on it!

These ones are from Groningen, too!

This one is from Hove in England, and has a starburst on it!

And this one has a lion!!!
Below is my original post all about drain covers in Brighton, England, first posted in September 2010!!!

A couple of weeks ago, me and Andrea went for a walk. I wanted to show her the drain covers I'd noticed - I think because she's higher up, she doesn't see them but they're ever so pretty!! This one has glass in some of it!

This one says "Gas Gas" on it - Andrea says thats You Tilly Tea.

This one's pretty too - I like the squares and diamonds on it!

This one's another You Tilly Tea for Water.

G G. I wonder if that's another gas one? The other gas one we saw was also a square cover...

This one has a sunflower engraved on it!!!

Oh - a rectangular one! Wonder what this is for?

This one's called "Pam Water". I gues she's in charge of that thing called You Tilly Tea.

Oh!! This one's made up of diamonds but has a flowery design on top!

And another one made up of circles!

Hodges and Butler..... wonder who they are?

Oh! More gas ones!! Yeah, I think all the gas ones must be squares. That's how they tell.

Another square gas one!

Ah, now we have to be careful now. This is Grade C Dangerous Electricity. From Sigane. Wonder where Sigane is?

On the way home, we found some more drain cover things. This one says M but Andrea said it might be W for Water.

A triangular one!! I wonder what that does?

It's a Thomas Dudley Meter! I wonder what You Tilly Tea that is? I've never heard of getting Dudley and Thomas Bills.

FP - wonder who that is?  

FH Brickhouse. Hmm..... Oh, it's Water.... it says so on the bottom!!

Fire Hydrant.... Andrea says that's for the Fire Engines if they need water to put fires out.

Oh, another little square one - must be gas!

We also saw one with a starburst in!

And another FH Water one! I never knew there were so many shapes and designs!