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Friday, 24 June 2011

A New Painting, Part 2!!!

 Well, last time I posted, I showed you how I started a New Painting!!!

 After I covered the whole canvas with bright Yellow Paint, I got out my blue paint and started making a shape in the corner!!!

 And then I made another shape in blue in the other corner!!!
This is so much fun!!

 After that, I got the red paint and did a big red schlepping in the middle!!!  I did a bit of mixing too, so it's sort of purple one end and sort of orange the other end and then just red in the middle bit.

It's a Smiley Face!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, sort of!!


  1. Excellent, Beanie!
    Schlepping sounds fun!

  2. I love schlepping!! It's very messy!!!