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Thursday, 30 June 2011

More drain covers!!!

 We went for a walk along the seafront last week, and found some more drain covers!!
This one has holes in it!!!

And this one has lumps!!!

 This one has holes and lines on it....

 And this one is self locking!!!  How does it unlock though???

This one looks a bit like a wagon wheel and has bits of glass in!!

Oh!  I think this one's my favourite!  It's got a daisy in the middle!!!

 Andrea got a bit worried because It Looked Like Rain....

 And then we saw a pretty bell tower!  I don't remember that being there...

 We found another drain cover just with lines on it.

And then we found a Dancing Mouse!
I love dancing too!!!


  1. Great pics! Kisses from my whole family :)

  2. Harr and G. go dancing too, they go to Balfolk evenings and they love it, they even had lessons to learn all the dances!