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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Beanie and the Manga Show, Day One

Last Saturday, Andrea said we were going away for the weekend and I had to pack everything!
All done!!!

We then got a bus into town and walked down here.
We're getting Coach!!! Where are we going?
Before we got on, we saw this decorated box!!
We got on a Coach to London and tied one of our wonderful cards here!!
After a while, Andrea got out Jaffa Cakes for lunch!!!
I love these!!
Here we go, on the way to London!!

All of a sudden, we heard a big BANG at the back of the coach and the driver stopped here! We all thought someone had driven into us, but it turned out one of the Back Tyres had exploded!!!

The driver called up a tyre repair man to help fix the tyre. Shortly after he turned up, the next coach to London arrived that had spare seats, so he stopped to take some of us.
Me and Andrea managed to jump onto the second coach to London!!!

We tied another wonderful card to the seat in front!!!

And here we are crossing the Thames River!! That's Battersea Power Station in the distance!

Now, where do we go now??

Oh, we're getting a bus somewhere! How fun!

We got on a C10 bus!!

And it stopped right outside here, Thameside Youth Hostel!!! I love this one!

We checked into Room 208 on the second floor and grabbed a spare bunk bed!

Then we checked the view!

There's Canary Wharf in the distance!
Andrea had a shower and I surprised her with a photo afterwards!

That was funny!!

After we washed up, we went out for a walk before dinner.

They have Meercats for look-outs here!! How funny!!

There's the Gherkin building in the distance!!

We found this statue again and tied a wonderful card to the doggie!!!

(Ed's note: the next day, we found that someone had ripped up the wonderful card into little pieces and dropped it all on the floor. All I did was leave a message saying they were wonderful and they ripped it up. Go figure!!)

We had a look at the magazine the boy was reading.... it's all about America!

Even the cover was decorated!!

The man's bag even had stuff in too!! 1620..... wonder what happened in 1620?
There it is all together...

Then we found the Brunel Museum again!! I love this museum!

I got to play on the train again!!!!

And I found another drain cover!! Don't think I've seen this design before....

Picture Gallery....? Coo
We also saw this plaque all about Captain Christopher who sailed all the way from here, Rotherhithe, to America in 1620!!!
How exciting!

They made this statue about him too!!!!

We saw this old school too!!!

Oh this is pretty!

That's the church spire.... that statue for the Mayflower Boat is next to that Church!

We saw a mosaic on the wall too!!

And a painting!!

It had all the coaches too, and even Wills and Kate were riding it!!!

Gosh.... I like looking over the Thames!

We even saw a paddle boat too!!! How fun!!

Later on, we discovered this fishes on the Brunel Museum building!!! I've never noticed those before!
Then we spotted this sign on a pub called the Mayflower.....

And we spotted that weathervane on the top!

Then we had dinner here, at a restaurant called Simplicity on Tunnel Road.

We started off with a Prawn Cocktail!!! The glass is bigger than me, I'll never manage!!!

Then we had a trio of Fishcakes (one tuna, one salmon and one something else!!!) and some chips. Those are called Fries in America.

That was a yummy dinner!!! AND we got a chocolate truffle with the bill!!!!

What an exciting day!!! I'm exhausted!!!!