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Sunday, 10 April 2011


Last Monday, Andrea stopped of at Tesco's on her way home from work (that's a big supermarket in England) to get some things. On her way out, there were three friendly dogs so she stopped to say hello to them. One of them was a Very Old Labrador with her owner, who also wanted to get some things at Tesco's but didn't want to leave Dog on her own. Andrea said well, I'll sit with Old Dog. About 15 minutes later, the owner came rushing out of Tesco's with her shopping and a little box of flowers which she gave to Andrea and said thank you so much, these are for you!!!!!

They're so pretty!!! Gilbert and George had a look too, and so did my doggy, Comealong Stanley!
We put them by the window next to my Crochet Flower!

What a nice post for my 200th blog post!!


  1. Congrats for your 200th post!
    The flowers are beautiful :)

  2. It's so good to be reminded that there are lots of good people out there - your Andrea for looking after the dog, the lady who didn't want to leave a dog on his own when he might be scared and again for saying such a lovely thank you.

    So thank you - for a wonderful blog!

  3. Congratchewlayshuns on yor 200th post!
    I like goin to Tescos. I like to ride in the trolley on top ov Daddy's box ov Weetabix.

    I bet it waz fun carftering the doggy!