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Monday, 25 April 2011

Beanie went to The Market!!!

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, Andrea said we were going Out For The Day!!
Because it was Easter Sunday, though, there weren't many buses, so we got a taxi to the train station and got there in time for our train!!
And we're off!!!

When we arrived, the first thing we did was lose an art piece in the toilets!!! Hahaha!!
We're in London! We waited a little for a Number 11 Bus!
We sat upstairs on the top! I love riding on the top deck of a Number 11 Bus!

We went past Westminster Abbey - Andrea said that somebody famous is getting married in there next Friday!!!

At Trafalgar Square, we saw a big TV stand that said "NBC" on it! Andrea said that TV people from all over the world were in London for The Big Wedding!!

we went to Ludgate Hill...... here's where the Lud Gate used to be up until 1760!

We're at Bank now, where the English Gold Bullion is!!

We got off at the last stop, Liverpool Street Station. Are we going to Colchester then???!

Oh look, there's the Gherkin building!!!

then we found a statue about the Kinder Transport in World War 2!! Lots of Jewish children were brought here from Europe in 1939 and arrived at Liverpool Street Station!!
Andrea said that if they didn't come here, they would have died. I'm glad they came here instead.

 And there's the statue. One of them has Bob T Bear's great grandfather!!!

Oh wow!! This was a hospital a long time ago!!

I didn't know George had his own pub!!!!!!

Then we found Petticoat Lane Market!!! Apparently, Petticoat Lane was named after women's underwear!!!!!!! HAHAHAHahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

We found another pretty drain cover!

We then found a statue of a goat standing on top of lots of boxes!!!

And then we found Spitalfields Market!!! Doesn't seem to be much to do here....

WAIT A MINUTE!! This is more like it!!!

Gosh, there's tons of stuff to look at here!! There's rubber stamp stalls, hand made paper from Nepal stalls, clothes, knitting yarn, jewellery stalls, even one that had Panno Shoko Lah from France!!!
They have a website here

After some Hard Serious Shopping (which tires Andrea out, I've noticed!!!) we decided to go lose some more stuff.

We found a funny mirror map of Spitalfields!!

Then we found the way back to the station.....

Oh, that looks a bit creepy in there...!!
(Ed's Note: according to Google, there used to be a pub called Catherine's Wheel down here where a certain Dick Turpin used to drink at!!!! Wowweee!!)

Here we are, back towards Liverpool Street Station...

 And then we got a 215 bus.......!!

And we got off here!! I've been here before!!!

I love this building!!

Then we stopped off for lunch at Pizza Express. I'm thirsty....!

We had an American Pizza with pepperoni on it! That's Andrea's favourite!!

We lost another CD in their toilets too!! HAHA!!
(this has been found and commented, too!! Excellent!)

Then we went back to the bus stop to get a number 73 bus!!

And we're off down Gower Street.....!!

.....and down Park Lane past the Hilton Hotel!!..........

And back to Victoria Station!! We were a bit early for our train so we had a little wander round.

We found another pretty drain cover too!!

And lost another weathergram!!

Oh!! I didn't know there was a hotel here!! Hang on.... Andrea said she saw that hotel in the news the other day.....

We saw this notice on a pole outside the hotel..... nobody's allowed to park in this street from Thursday evening until Saturday morning - and there were lots of metal barriers things set up outside too. Wait a minute, didn't you say that somebody famous was getting married at Westmister Abbey on Friday?? Do you think that the Bride lady might be staying here then???
Oh how EXCITING!!!

There was a little square nearby with a statue of Queen Victoria in it!

Oh, we've seen those animals before!! I remember them!

And then it was time to get on the train home!! There's Battersea Power Station!!!

And here we are back at Brighton!!

Here's what we got at Spitalfields Market!! We got two rubber stamp thingies (an old camera and a pawprint!) and he gave us a free ink pad in cocoa colour and we bought some hand made paper from Nepal.

Then, Andrea said she had A Surprise for all of us!! So all my friends got on the table with me!!


WAIT! There's more!! There's a surprise in it!!!

IT'S A FROG!! Andrea said it's a wind up toy that can hop across the room!!
Oh how fun! Wind it up! Wind it up!!

It hopped so fast it nearly got out of the picture!!!! Andrea got a picture of Froggie's BUM!!!

THAT'S SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's Hopalong Froggidy's BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!