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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Beanie went to Winchester!!!

Yesterday, Andrea had another day off work and took me out again!!

We saw this sprayed on the pavement on our way!!!

Oh!! Hove Train Station!! Wonder where we're going today....
 I got my own seat!

We had to get off here at a place called Fareham. we go past here on the way to Portsmouth when we've been to Isle of Wight!!

 We got on another train that had little tables!! I tied one of my cards on it!

 We saw lots of Jersey Cows on the way....

And then we got off here, at Winchester.

Where do we go now??

Andrea had to go for a wee, so we found these toilets first. The handwash thingy squirted soap at you, then it rained water and THEN it blew hot air, all in the same machine!! It was funny!!!
 Discovery Centre? Let's have a look!!!

Andrea got me some more family!!! It's Gilbert and George!!!!!
(Bob - don't worry, George is a boy dragon and he can word-burp!! With Sparkles on too!!! He's hysterical!!!!)

We saw some very pretty floor tiles here too.

And some very old buildings....

There's some pretty bricks there too!!!

Oh, I like that clock!

And a fancy monument too!

Oh, it's a museum and it's free to go in!! Let's take a look!!!

They had a jigsaw puzzle to do...

Oh - DONE IT!! It's an old Jar!

They have a Medieval Muriel here too!!

We did some brass rubbings too!!

I like doing these!

We had a sit down in an old pharmacy shop!

With lots of old jars in it!

They had an old tobacco shop too with lots of tins in!!

Here's a Cathedral!!!

Andrea said they charged money to go inside the Cathedral, even if you wanted to attend a service. Andrea doesn't like that, services should be free. So we didn't go in.

But we saw this fella instead!! He lives near the Cathedral Shop, and Andrea doesn't mind spending money in a shop!!

That's a pretty view....

We took our picture in a shiney thingy in the park!!

Then we got hungry so we stopped for lunch in here.

We had fish on top of new potatoes with spinach in between, and a lemony sauce. It was seriously YUMMY!!!

Then we went for another walk and saw these funny shop signs!!

Oh, look here!! It's a statue of a king!!

Who's he, then? Must be important to have a statue....

Oh, it's King Alfred!!

He's the Founder of The Kingdom, it says here...

And that one has more information on it too!

Then we had a little wander by the river....

Gosh, it's pretty here, isn't it?!

So many pretty places to sit and hang out!!

We saw some funny gadgets here!

Oh!! Winchester is 5 minutes 16 seconds behind London time!!! Coo!!

We saw some funny fish too!!

Oh, what's this??

We found another Horse statue!!! I wonder if this one has a song...?

I had a little rest here... this is tiring doing all this sightseeing!!

Great Hall And Round Table?? Where??

Andrea says that's the Tudor Rose!

Oh Look!!! We found the Castle Remains!!! The Castle isn't there any more but we still got the basement!!

Wow! That archway is still there!!

Down there are the dungeons and torture chambers!!!!!

Andrea promise she wouldn't!!!!! Phew! We had a play on the old walls.... this is fun!

I'd like one of those at home...

Now look at THAT!!! It's King Arthur's Round Table!!!
It's 5 and a half metres across, weighs 1,200 kilos and used to have 12 legs!!! They all fell off and got lost (I think they were used for firewood in the last recession, but nobody's telling us) so they hang it on the wall instead now.

We got so excited, we couldn't hold the camera still!!

That's the other end of the Great Hall. Fancy wallpaper, huh??!

I like it here...

Andrea said I could sign the Guest Book too!!! I never signed one of them before!

There's a little garden here too called Eleanor's Garden!! She was a Queen of England once!

I like her fountain!

This was opened by the Queen Mother and that's a Bayleaf Tree!

We saw a Bear Toilet and decided to make use of the facilities here!!!!
Hahahahaaa!!! I understand why Bob does this now, it's fun!!

Then we walked down the hill past this old gate again!

We found a yellow piggy too!!

Then we got thirsty so we stopped for a drink.

Oh I like this shop!!!

And here we are back at Winchester Train station.... time to go home!!!

And here we are going back to.....

Fareham!! We had to change trains again here.

It was very busy on this train, with lots of people doing a thing called Commuting. Andrea says that's when they have to get the Train home from work.

and here we are back at Hove, walking home again!! What a lovely day out!!!