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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Beanie Box 2

Yesterday I hid Beanie Box number two!!

I posted it here on
You can search for the box under "England" or "Brighton and Hove Actually"

Here's the clue: In Hove Actually, walk along the seafront until you reach a Leisure Centre named after a Royal who Burned Cakes. Continue along the seafront behind this building going west, and walk past a cafe named after a married female buzzing insect. After that, you'll walk by three benches. The third bench is next to a yellow pole near a Fish Hut. Facing this bench, on the right hand side, behind the nearest bush you'll find this box. It has five treasures in it for the first five finders - but it does not have a stamp pad.


  1. Did anyone find it yet? Will you tell us if someone does?

  2. Letterboxing Sounds Wonderful.

    I'll tell my Daddy about it and Maybe he will Loot-It-Up for me.

    Glad you are Having Fun, Beanie!