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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I think I might have discovered a new hobby!

It's on which is a bit like Geocaching which I think Hammie did once. On this letterboxing website, it shows you how to make your own letterbox which you can hide somewhere (in a city) and then you can leave a clue on the website to help people find it!!

I think I might make a Special Beanie Mail Art one!! Or lots to leave in different cities when I go on holiday!!! Maybe Hammie and Sullivan know some places we can hide a box??!?!


  1. Hmmm, I'll think on it. Maybe my co-worker Patricia knows as she goes on geocaching hunts a lot.

  2. We did the geocaching only once (I would have liked to do it more often!!!!). Our founds were hidden in a little box where you used to have your photo films in (you know the little plastic boxes). One of them had a magnet so it sticked under a bridge near the lake we found it! Very clever! And one was hiding at an edge of an electricity box in a street. sometimes they are under the ground or hanging in a tree! You can use your fantasy and think of an interesting place to hide something! When we did that searching we looked around the next day and thought of all the things that where hidden perhaps on the place we were and didn't know about. The one on the edge of the electricity box was a place we pass by very often! We never knew!

  3. Oh that sounds fun!! Letterboxing boxes are slightly bigger, I think, and some of them have treasure inside, that you can swap for something of yours. The notebook in them is for rubberstamps though.... I'm going to make a treasure letterbox!