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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Happy Mail....

Our friend Bob and Dilly's mum isn't doing too well at the moment, so we've decided to start sending her some Happy Mail to try and cheer her up. We'd like to ask all our friends who also know Bob and Dilly to send Happy mail to her as well.

We think that would a Nice Thing To Do to try and help her cheer up a bit!


  1. My mom says that we don't have Bob and Dilly's address. I was wondering if you could email it to us and we can mail their Mom something. We were going to just email you and ask, but we can't find your email address either! Mom says that we must have it somewhere!

    If you don't think Bob and Dilly's Mom wants to share their address with us, we can mail it to you and you can mail it to them!

  2. Great idea, Beanie! We'll do just that.