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Saturday, 29 January 2011


Andrea went out to work one day last week but suddenly came rushing back in the house to grab me and the camera ....... and this is why!!
We had a very pretty Sunrise!!!

The last painting of Chapter Two!!

Which is me going to bed in Paris!!! We finished Chapter Two of my book!!!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Me and Tango Made some Bear Stamps!

Last week, me and Tango decided to make a present for Bob T Bear and Dilly Wagon to Cheer them Up. First, we got out the rubber stamps they sent Andrea for Christmas

We chose that one to use!!

Tango inked it up on the ink pad.... he's good at that, you know!!

 Then we put it on the paper and I jumped up and down on it!!!!!!!!!!!
That's much more fun than inking it!!

It make a stamp shape!!

We made a whole load of them all over the sheet of paper!!!

Then we got out some marker pens so we could draw the stamp designs!

Tango went first because he's good at drawing Bears!
We made them worth Eight, because that's how old Bob is.

Then I drew lots of Dilly's. They're worth Two because that's how far she counts up to.

We did a little flower in the middle for their Mummy, who's not feeling very well.
Hope that cheers her up too. We perforated holes round all of the stamps so that Bob and Dilly can use them when then write to people.

Ever since Andrea posted the package off to them, we've not been able to find the black camera carry case. Andrea says she thinks she might've put it in the envelope to Bob and Dilly by mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If she has, they'll probably send it back. Just hope Bob doesn't poo in it first...... bears do things like that, you know...

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Another walk on the seafront!

 Last weekend, we had another walk along the seafront! We started outside here, which is called Metropole Hotel.

Oh! We can go down the ramp to Seafront!!

It's a glorious day today! And Look! There's the Pier!!

Let's go on!! I love going on Pier!

And we even had a go on Arcade Game!! The 2p shuffle board, I love this game!

I won two Prizes!!!! I got Tambourine and Football!!
I'm such a lucky Mouse!

On the way home, we saw Sewing Machine that goes Ping!
Urbandon wants one of those.....

When we got home, I got my Harmonica out and started a band with Pookums! We're a Jazzy Blues and Purples Band!!
What shall we call ourselves though...??
We had fun playing our music though!!!!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I think I might have discovered a new hobby!

It's on which is a bit like Geocaching which I think Hammie did once. On this letterboxing website, it shows you how to make your own letterbox which you can hide somewhere (in a city) and then you can leave a clue on the website to help people find it!!

I think I might make a Special Beanie Mail Art one!! Or lots to leave in different cities when I go on holiday!!! Maybe Hammie and Sullivan know some places we can hide a box??!?!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Recent sunset

A gloriously yellow sunset on the Channel a few days ago!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Happy Mail....

Our friend Bob and Dilly's mum isn't doing too well at the moment, so we've decided to start sending her some Happy Mail to try and cheer her up. We'd like to ask all our friends who also know Bob and Dilly to send Happy mail to her as well.

We think that would a Nice Thing To Do to try and help her cheer up a bit!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

More book paintings!!

We painted more pictures for my book!! This one is going to be me eating dinner - we've never painted food before!!

And this one is going to be me eating chocolate pudding and icecream!!!
I've never painted icecream before either - it came out rather well though!!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wrapping paper on Etsy!!

I just loaded up some Tissue Paper on my etsy shop!! (you can click on the orange circle on the right hand side to visit!)

They're both fishy lino prints on tissue paper - very messy to make but lots of fun!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

A New Year Day walk....

On New Year's Day, I took Andrea for a walk along the seafront. We found a funny hat!!!
I tried to get Andrea to wear it but she wouldn't....

When we crossed the road we met Dilly's Mad Aunt Milly. She runs a tattoo parlour!!

The tide's coming in!! Or maybe it's going out....

 I love the beach huts! They're so colourful!

There's the West Pier over there. It's a shame it burnt down....

On the way, I found a champagne cork and some sparkly star confetti!!!

 There's the Peace Statue.

Coo.... I think that needs some new plaster on the outside!

We saw some funny boats on a garbage bin!!!! I don't think the bin is big enough to put a submarine in though!!!!

On the way home, we met a fuzzy cat!! She was friendly and gave me a big hug!
I love hugging fuzzy cats!!

Then we saw a bicycle that had been decorated with flowers!! Even the car behind it had flowers on!!

When I got home, I showed Ickle Bear the stars and corks that I found!!
And a bus ticket too!
I like walks along the seafront.... we should do that more often.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Book paintings!

Well, the book paintings are chugging along nicely!! This one is me working on my first Scrapbook!

And this one's a mosaic of an Aubergine!!!!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Review Extra...!

I also forgot to mention - and say thank you for - six sales off my Zazzle shop in 2010!!!

I sold two Montmartre greeting cards, One Krakow tickets magnet, One Carousel postcard, One St Margaret's Island poster and one Montmartre magnet!!!