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Friday, 3 December 2010

We got SNOW!!

On Tuesday last, we had a dusting of snow on the sidewalk when we went to work.

On Wednesday night last we had at least six inches of snow so Thursday, there weren't any buses to take us to work..... so yesterday, Andrea phoned in work to say we weren't coming, and then took me and Tango to the beach to make a giant snow mouse!!! (photos to come!)

And last night, it went down to minus 8 and everything froze so that today, the sidewalks were like an ice rink and we couldn't get to the nearest internet cafe until 4 pm!!!

I hope to get into town tomorrow to find an internet place that takes my picture CD things. And Urban Don - we managed to post your prize just now, too!!


  1. Enjoying the blog. Hello to Beanie McMouse! If you like, you're invited to visit our bear blog.

    Best wishes, Ben

  2. Our snow never came. It was barely a flurry!