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Friday, 31 December 2010

Review of the Year 2010

Well, we've had a busy year this year!! We started off in January meeting our friend Julie in London and we went to visit TJ's painting in Brixton!!! That's me, Andrea and Julie in front of TJ's picture and the whole day out can be read here.

In February, Andrea took me on Eurostar to Lille!! We planned to meet Hammie but his Grannie Oma died so couldn't come. We lit a candle for her in Lille Cathedral though.

In March, we had a day out in London to go Shopping. We saw Crime Scene too!!!!
You can read about that here!!

At the beginning of April, Andrea took me to Arundel to see Castle and Cathedral!
It rained.

In May we had Election and the Political Parties hanged themselves.

(actually, the voters hung the politicians because we couldn't decide who to have in charge. Andrea says it doesn't make any difference, they're all ****)

Also in May, we went bellydancing in Shoreham! I met Clover Pig!

Also in May, Andrea took me on another trip to London!! We went to see Manga Show in London Excel!!! This was fun!

In July we had three walks around town.....

Also in July, I got taken to Lewes!!!

In August, we had a Big Day Out in London again!!! We didn't see any crime scenes on this one though!

also in August, we went to Shoreham and met some Bears!!!

September was sad. Andrea's friend Mr Tony in Las Vegas died and she was very upset.

But in October, Bob T Bear and Dilly cheered us all up for my Birthday!!

And then at the beginning of December, it SNOWED!!!!
And on top of all that, Andrea still has a job, we still have a nice apartment to live in, I got some seriously spiffy presents from some seriously spiffy friends and and and and....


  1. What a great year in review Beanie! We enjoy your blog! Your pals, Jerry and Ben

  2. Happy New Year!
    You had quite an eventful year!

  3. Looks like you had a pretty fab year, Beanie! Happy 2011!